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Low Blood Sugar?

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I am almost a year out and have been at the same weight for the last two months. However I have started having drops in my blood sugar. This has not happened since I was a teenager. I went to see my PCP today who thinks this may be connected to my PCOS and the weight loss. She has ordered blood work to check my levels, but it just doesn't make any sense that this would happen now and not when I was loosing the weight so fast.

Have anyone had anything like this come up?

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    Could it be Reactive Hypoglycemia? For me I stated having "episodes" while exercising, it didn't start happening until I lost all my weight. If I have a protein/carb snack before working out I'm fine. This is something that can happen as a result of weight loss surgery.
  2. suzn358's Avatar
    This has been happening to me lately also. I am a year out today and it just started about a month ago. My PCP said to eat every 3 hours. Going to my surgeon next week for my one year check up and I'm going to find out more information on this.
  3. JRC's Avatar
    Thanks ladies for the response.

    srae-You maybe on to something with the "Reactive" since both scary lows happened after being out in the sun for several hours.

    Suzn- Please let me know what they say. She felt like my body maybe still producing the amount of insulin I used to need for the extra 70 pounds that are no longer there, but just as you have mentioned I have transitioned from eating every couple of hours to three small meals and now the drops. So I am too back to the basics.