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New nsv

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Yesterday I wore a sleeveless dress without a coverup. This is a HUGE deal for me because I simply can not remember the last time this happened. At least 15 years and probably longer than that.

My arms aren't as lean and muscular as I would like, but they are on their way and the fact that I felt comfortable enough in my own skin to be that "exposed" is definitely a milestone for me.

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  1. Blessed2's Avatar
    Congratulations! I have lost 94 pounds and absolutely have the bat wings to prove it. Even have some issues with clothing, sometimes I have to go up a size to get them to fit no so tight around the upper arms. Can't wait until I feel comfortable enough to wear sleeveless. Just something that I was self conscience about before surgery. Working on that.
  2. Jmichelle's Avatar
    Congratulations on your NSV! That's a big deal to those of us that have that same bit of anxiety. I actually purchased a sleeveless top just this past weekend. I'm going to wear that bad boy this summer! Bye bye to shrugs!
  3. lundbergmn's Avatar
    Yay!!!! I never used to go sleeveless before surgery & now I'm fine w/ it.
  4. mem222's Avatar
    Congratulations! That is a big issue for a lot of people including myself. Some day I hope
    keep up the good work!