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karen 5

6 days post op gastric sleeve

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I am now on the sleeved side yah hoo!!!! and it is great so far . . . .no pain or need for pain pills,no nausea vomitting and I am tolerating protein and fluids without excessive gas or discomfort. I have to say this was the easiest surgery for me so far compared with my total knee replacements, birth of daughter, hysterectomy and gall bladder removal. I kind of thought this is what it would be for me except that I read a lot of blogs and complaints so it had me wondering if I would have some problems too. but NO NO NO . .. .the worst for me was the 7 day clear liquids cause I was making sure to get required amount of protein in daily 60 grams along with 64 fluid ounces of liquid and found myself waking up at night with hunger and I had to drink protein to be able to get back to sleep. since surgery I am not hungry and can drink without problems. there are more blogs with complaints than blogs with good results posted and so I want to let you all know not to fear the surgery. read all the blogs and keep those you want to remember. continue to educate yourself on the gastric sleeve and what it can do to improve your health. I am 68 years old and looking forward to not having sleep apnea, diabetes, fatty liver disease, improved arthritis and joint mobility and enjoying the rest of my long life. many thanks to ann 2 and joe poppa and others who educate all on this blog and many many good wishes to other newbys considering the sleeve for a better life.

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  1. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    That's great!! I hope you continue you feel better and better :-)
  2. Jmichelle's Avatar
    Congratulations! I wish you much success. I'm a day shy of one month post-op and I can say that each day has been better than the last.
  3. cathbas's Avatar
    great post!! congrats!!
  4. Nancy23's Avatar
    Yay! Awesome news.
  5. mamsinator's Avatar
    Hello Karen - I enjoyed you post and positive attitude. I am 65 and having my surgery May 4th.
    It is good to get a prospective from one close to my age who has had many surgeries, including knee replacement on both sides.
    I am anxious to be lighter to protect my knees and not wear the new ones out!
    I am going to keep apositive attitude also and look at this as a great opportunity to get healthy and fit.
    Thanks, I hope you post some more on your progress,
    the mams
  6. MrsSize4's Avatar
    That is awesome! I am glad this was an easy surgery for yoU. Wish you much success.
  7. Kimmie3's Avatar
    I feel the same way! I am 12 weeks post-op and have not been sick at all! Do what the Dr orders and you will be just fine
  8. Honeybell's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmie3
    I feel the same way! I am 12 weeks post-op and have not been sick at all! Do what the Dr orders and you will be just fine

    I am 5 days out, got home last night from Tijuana. I feel so good, I almost feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. So true about reading about all the negatives, what a pleasant surprise to walk right after, & take a shower in the morning. But, there was a women who had lapband revision right before me, & she was doing terrible, went back to the OR 2 days later. That could have been me. On the lighter side, pun intended, last night as we were unpacking, hubby held out this "object" & said here is your jewelry...It was my lapband, in 2 pieces. He said he had told me he had it but I must have had anesthesia brain.
  9. karen 5's Avatar
    many thanks for all compliments from you all above. Keep positive thoughts in mind instead of thinking that someone else had a negative issue, that you will too because that is not true, do not let your mind continue with any negative thoughts and day by day it will pass without incident,
    bless you all, will keep in touch, I go on soft foods friday after 1st dr appt post op, whoo hoo!!!
  10. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Continued success, and you certainly have the best attitude for success!! You're going to love this journey because it all gets better from here.
  11. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    mamisnator, you'll do great too. I was 61 when I had my surgery and it was better than I ever anticipated it would be from day one. I felt that even pre-op was easy and I lost 25 lbs the month before surgery just practicing like I had already had the surgery