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3 month post-op check in.

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First off Happy Easter. I hope everyone is enjoying their time with loved ones. I also hope you're all enjoying your sleeve, and that everything is running smoothly. I know I'm loving mine . I'm 3 months out and weighing in at 220.2. I haven't seen this weight in 13 years. I have gone from a size 3x in shirts to a large, and from a size 24 in pants to a 16 ( I can button 14's but they are too tight for comfort ). I literally feel my body changing by the day, just a week ago pants that were a little tight are now falling off. And who would of known the feeling of pants slipping off when fresh out the dryer is amazing!

My eating habbits are still the same, I eat what I want, but never over due it. In fact I feel like my stomach is shrinking, if that's possible. I used to be able to fit 2 oz. without a problem, but with a little discomfort. Now I get that discomfort with only 1 oz. I'm thinking it could be food quality.

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  1. PITSTOP's Avatar
    I'm 3 months out to and I eat whatever I want but just a few bites and never over due it. I just keep plugging away at it. Congrats on your weight loss! Keep up the hard work!
  2. Jellyroll1's Avatar
  3. MamaGavu's Avatar
    Awesome Congrats!