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Some of us had less to loose than others and I for one tend to diminish my accomplishment. Today, my husband put things into perspective for me.

We are about to leave on a two week trip to Europe. We took a Rick Steves challenge by only taking what would fit into an overnight bag. Needless to say, our bulging carry-ons are heavy. My husband weighed them and commented that I have lost more than the weight of both bags together. I then lifted them and it struck me just how heavy 53 lbs. felt. How did I ever manage?

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  1. bangieb's Avatar
    Wow, so true. Great Job keep up the good work. Any pounds loss is success. I'm thinking the same...how did I ever manage!
  2. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    So true!
  3. Nancy23's Avatar
    Perspective is needed throughout the journey. Congrats on your success.
  4. Joe Poppa's Avatar
    Congratulations on your hard work.

    53lbs lost is a little over 185,000 calories or more than 18,000 M&M's candies in calories. WOW!
  5. Ann2's Avatar
    I say that ALL the time. I've now lost 81 pounds. It's no wonder at all that I felt unable to move, to live, to function. We have given ourselves such a wonderful gift of life again.

    Have a wonderful trip.
  6. Kimmie3's Avatar
    Even a 5 pound bag of sugar is heavy to me. I know I feel so much better already and can't wait to keep moving forward.

    Have fun on your trip!