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Just another chapter in my quest for answers

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I went to yet another doctor this last week about these involuntary motions and pain issues I have had since the weight began coming off. For those who have followed my journey you know this has been a long road of looking for answers and finally a few months ago giving up on the doctors opinions and going with my own tried and tested way of living around these issues and just trying to have a life without a med haze or feeling like i just wanted to sit here and do nothing at all. Anyway this new doctor said he doesnt think he can help me because of my issues with medications and not being able to handle them well but he does feel I have Dystonia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dystonia
This would make sense to me after reading about the issues and seeing that it says a major trauma can bring this on for me my body seems to have taken the 300 lb weight loss as a major trauma and it has heightened all of my senses to a point where i can hear and feel cars coming down my street from 4-5 miles away among so many other things like not being able to touch a cell phone anymore because they make my body physically ache. Its not always pleasant but its life for me at this point and the fact that a doctor has finally said they think this is something they actually do know about and I am no longer a medical mystery would be awesome!

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  1. ACE's Avatar
    Nancy23 funny you mention that My husband and I are working on litterally surrounding our home with tires filled with dirt and plastics (like bricks made of trash lol) because we have found the tin roof helps block some of the environmental stuff i feel and the electromagnetic. Its annoying but its liveable so I just keep saying I got this chance to be healthy in my life for a reason I am NOT gonna just sit back and watch life pass me by L I try to keep the better attitude to keep the depression away that can creep in with this type of junk.
    And thanks everyone