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Still having trouble eating at all most 6 weeks

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I have my 6 month appt next week to go over a few things. All in all I feel I'm doing well but still dread eating. After just a couple of bites I start to feel restriction and my average serving size is about 1/4 at any given time. I primarily eat protein because that seems to be all I can get it. Due to this I do try and make sure I eat 3 main meals a day with 2 protein snacks because I am NO WHERE near getting 800 calories a day. I read on here how some people can eat a cheeseburger or a piece of pizza. I can't even come close and don't even try. I eat absolutely no bread because I wouldn't get my protein in and fill up way to fast. I'm eager to see my blood work next to see that everything is on track. I am 200 lbs which is a total loss of 70 lbs since surgery. Does anyone have this size of portion restriction after 6 months? I have to literally force myself to eat because I NEVER feel hungry.........

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  1. amt5298's Avatar
    i have to force myself to eat cause i am not hungry but i am holding like at supper 3oz of meat then three tablespoons of vegetables i eat two scrambled eggs for breakfast i can hold 1 cup container of greek yogurt have you talked to your doc to see if you have a stricture in your stomach cause you should be able to hold more by now and far as bread and pasta i cant do that either i fill up to quickly so i just stay away from it at this point when i eat a burger i eat it with no bread and just add my favorite toppings and eat with a fork i can only hold half a piece of pizza which has no nutrional value so i just stay away from it
  2. wydols's Avatar
    I have good days and I have bad days but still don't come close to a cup of food at any given time. I literally freeze my portions in little 3oz containers to have for a meal. If I eat Smart Ones TV dinner (always the high protein when I can't get away from my desk for lunch) I can't even get half of it down if I'm lucky. I have my appt on the 10th and this is on the top of my list to discuss. At 3 months I wasn't concerned but figured by now it would be a little different. One time have I ate 4oz in one sitting without difficulty or being miserable after and that was around the 3 month appt.
  3. KarKar's Avatar
    I am no where near 6 months but i can tell you that I too am really never hungry but i eat according to the schedule my doctor gave me. I have not even felt myself get full from eating so I have no idea what my sleeve restriction feels like. When I asked my doctor he looked at me like I was sort of crazy and said, you're losing weight, getting in your protein, you're doing everything right! So if you're following the doctors instructions, loosing weight and getting in your protein, maybe you too doing everything right!
  4. 31startingBMI's Avatar
    The thing about protein is that I found for myself that I fill up faster with dense protein like chicken or meat. You really have to pulverize it through chewing in order to get more in. I just can't eat as much dense protein. I was eating a lot of fish and protein shakes to get more in my stomach at first. Your stomach may be smaller because of your anatomy. If you had a wide stomach vs. a long stomach, your stomach will be smaller. You're still in the early days of eating, I found that eating became much easier with each day. Your stomach is still so new! I had to learn to chew everything I eat a lot more and this helps avoid that hard restrictive feeling too early.