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Just trudging along....

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Here I am, a week and a day post sleeve surgery and still feeling pretty good. I followed up with my doctor today so that we can devise our follow up plan. He stated that my sutures looked great and that they can come out today, so out they came.Good thing because those suckers were starting to itch! Today, I added cream o chicken soup to the liquid diet as per the post op meal plan. I could only consume a couple of tablespoons, or about 2 oz, but It was a welcomed change. I felt a bit nauseus at first, but it passed. I realized that I didn't dilute it enough.
I'm getting my vitamins in and other medications. GREAT NEWS, my doc discharged one of my blood pressure medications. It was lisinopril hctz. Since it contained a diuretic, i stopped taking it post op until my appointment. My blood pressure is still high, but lower than it has been in some time so my doc decided that It would be okay to let this one go. YESSSSSSSSS! One down, two more to go!
My doc said that this change will more than likely bring it down to normal, and hopefully a little lower than that. He is truly happy that I decided to go ahead and take that first step. He is one awesome doc!

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  1. a2twinsnanny's Avatar
    way to go and congrats on getting of one of your meds!!
  2. linzy2886's Avatar
    Glad you are feeling good!! it only gets better day by day