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Just a little at a time...

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Surgery on 3/10/15, back home on the red eye to FL 3/15/15, back to work at 23:30 3/15/15, all is good, little to no discomfort today, I'm now tipping the scale at 325lbs..down 42lbs since pre-opp diet. I am keeping my fluid intake up with powerade zero. 32oz by noon and 32oz to bed time, Seems like I have the cup with me everyplace I go. Today I had sore muscles in my legs and feet...also felt just a bit sleepy. I feel so much better then the first couple of days after surgery.
As promised a few "HEADS UPS", as before mentioned Hairy Belly...SHAVE before you leave for TJ you will be happy you did.
T.P. in the hotel is adequate for the most part, then you go for your leak test. A couple of hours later your bottom starts sending out stuff you never thought could be coming from you. Your hotel toilet is going to become your second home for a time. Bring a roll or two of your favorite Angel soft or Charmin or my favorite Sams Club soft.
To protect from sudden discharge at the same port of exit use Bounty paper towels, full size sheets not select a size, folded for comfort and placed to port...leave it there...your an adult you can figure out what I am saying. This for the most part will stop messy pants. Bounty because it is the most absorbent.
If bringing spending money go to your bank and turn your twenties into fives and ones. It is much easier to keep track of and your Pecos change won't be as high. If you have a smart phone download a currency converter app this helps you to negotiate your purchases.
Tipping the Drivers and the Hotel staff such as the house keepers and restaurant employees is always a good thing. They work very hard for little pay and won't ever show this. They are always willing to assist you with anything you might need and are happy to do this. Show them a little appreciation now and again and it goes a long way.
Do always tell the nurses how you feel, if your vomiting, tell them, if your in pain, tell them, if you feel feverish, let them know, even heartburn. They have the medicine to make your recovery a little bit smoother.
Try to go with a partner, a friend , a spouse, a family member, someone who can give you support. I went it alone, I wished I had not. If you do it alone bring some reading material or what ever makes you feel good. However having another person is best...
Well I pulled an OT day out for tomorrow so I am going to turn in.
To all just thinking about getting sleeved, stop thinking and start making plans and arrangements. For all who are heading to TJ, Good choice! Scratch that...GREAT CHOICE!...You won't regret it.

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