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angie 3

Almost Their!

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Its been 8 months since I was sleeved! Today I had a check up my labs all good! My diabetis is totally under control. No high blood pressure. bmi 21! My wt 118 within 3lbs of goal 115 (im 5/2) What a amazing journey its been hard but worth it! Most important took control of my health & well being. I want to be a good role model for my kids & grandkids of healthy living! thank you to my sleeve family all who were so positive helping me get where I am! This is a great site with a lot great people! what a great day it is!

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  1. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    You've caught the brass ring!
  2. Ladykk's Avatar
    Good job
  3. mzt's Avatar
    So glad to see you have almost made it. (and to think the night before you wanted to back out) Great job!!