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I'm Back From Tijuana.

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Hello everyone I am back from my trip to Tijuana.
I am now a sleeved man on my way to a lighter side of life.
My surgery preformed by the highly Skilled hands of Dr. Mario Almanza.on 3/10/15.
I will wright more about the trip and give some "heads ups" When I get some sleep. I will be going to work tonight so I'll need to get time to sit and post later this week.
However, if you are reading this just before you are ready to leave for your day in Tijuana, and you have a hairy belly...SHAVE THAT BELLY...you will be glad you did because they do not.
Everything was good. The whole experience was a good one. The Doctors,Nurses,and the entire Real Del Rio Hotel staff went way beyond expectations to make myself and all that where there feel comfortable and welcome.
I want to close with a big THANK YOU to everyone in Tijuana (Gracias)
Good night (Buenas noches)

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  1. Rhonda124's Avatar
    I am having my surgery there on April 20, 2015. I would love to hear everything you went thru.
  2. Jmichelle's Avatar
    Big J, I have nothing but the same comment about getting sleeved in TJ. I can say that I feel the same way about my experience. Those pesky gas bubbles though? All is well and I'm feeling pretty darned good! My surgery was on the 10th as well.
  3. Windi's Avatar
    I have surgery with Dr. Almanza in August. I've read some bad things about him lately & relived to hear that you didn't have that experience.