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Odd question

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So last night my husband & I went to dinner at pies & pints. I got a half pint of cider & it was carbonated so I sipped it slowly. I mentioned to my husband that I was worried about damaging my sleeve. He said you're fully healed by now! My surgery was on 9/23/13. I said that I hoped so but I still worried. When I did jury duty last month I didn't set off the metal detectors. So here's the question- what happened to my staples that sealed my sleeve? Do they dissolve over time or does the tissue heal over top of them? Told you it was an odd question!

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  1. sleeved.casson's Avatar
    your tissue heals over them. and they are too small for a metal detector to detect
  2. linzy2886's Avatar
    The staples arent detected by metal detectors
  3. lundbergmn's Avatar
    Thanks ladies!!!!
  4. Reena's Avatar
    Think about all the people who has hip and knee replacements they don't set off any alarms
    When they go to stores and airport even though they have hardware in them right
  5. greenmomma's Avatar
    Your stomach heals around them, making our pouches even stronger than they were before surgery. The staples are titanium and do not set off metal detectors.
  6. amt5298's Avatar
    i asked that question to my surgeron he said that the type of material they are made of are not detectable in a metal dectector
  7. Wannabeskinnie's Avatar
    Mt dr told me they are made out of titanium so you can even ho into MRIs with no troubles..and they will there forever keeping the stomach strong.