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Mashed potatoes kicked my ass today!

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So I worked 6:30-1:30 today and my first job was to make 13 pans of mashed potatoes. I was a total mess!!! I had on an apron but I had mashed potatoes on the apron both my shoes and my visor! Then I had to make 200 + bowls of mashed potatoes popcorn chicken, corn, gravy & cheese w/ a roll. It was crazy hectic but I got through it w/ flying colors!!! My boss was really proud of me & asked me to do the mashed potatoes again next week lol! I came home & put on a hydrating deep cleanse mask & soaked in a hot bath w/ Epsom salts & lavender. Then I used my coconut oil & put my hair in sponge rollers because tomorrow night I'm going on a hot date w/ my husband! My moms going to watch my son overnight! My mom called me last night & asked me what I was doing on March 30 & I told her working til 2 why? & she said she had booked massages for her my sister & myself at the local beauty school her treat. I think it's her way of getting me & my sister together in a safe setting. I sent her a sincere apology & told her that I don't agree w/ her decisions but it's her life & I just want the very best for her. She hasn't responded.so unless I see her this weekend at my moms I'll see her at our appt.

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  1. jduford's Avatar
    Lol!!! Cooking for that many is not an easy task. Good luck on reconciling with your sister. I am an all or nothing kind of person too. My mother hit me in front of my children and I have not spoken to her in almost 7 years. There are days when I wish that I could have a relationship with her. Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way.