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Do you like your FitBit?

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They sell them at Costco. I'm tempted but want to know if it's just another useless piece of electronics that's complicated and uncomfortable.

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  1. Nancy23's Avatar
    I have the fitbit charge and I love it. For me it's motivating. I am checking all the time the number of steps I have in and it will send you reminders in the day. If are close to the daily goal you set, it will push you to take the extra steps to meet it. Then your wrist does a happy dance from the band vibrating as you reach your goal. It has an app associated with it that tracks my sleep - restlessness vs good rem sleep. You can also enter your water, food and other activities. It's very much a personal choice though. My boss purchased 8 different ones before landing on nike's.
  2. Ann2's Avatar
    I adore my Fitbit. Without it I would definitely move less. I gave one to my sister recently, and she loves hers too. Had lunch yesterday with a friend who's had hers only a month, and she too says she moves a lot more since she got it.

    I find the feedback quite motivating.
  3. cocopebbles's Avatar
    Started using my Fitbit during the pre-op phase and fell in love with it. 10K steps is nearly 5 miles. This was my only exercise and my nutritionist said it was enough to get me started. It's been 6 months and I still love it. I misplaced it once and had a fit. It was like losing an arm. So I said all that to say, GET A FITBIT! You won't regret it.
  4. LOVINGCOMET71's Avatar
    Love my fit bit , even went out and brought my daughter and spouse one and it is definitely a motivation tool we use it to compete against each other to see who gets in the most steps , makes me take the steps, take the long walk around and even park further out in the parking lot . definitely a good tool ! !
  5. martini1113's Avatar
    I have the Fitbit charge and love it!! Several of my friends are connected via Fitbit and it keeps us accountable, motivated, and competitive....in fact last week I was sick and my steps were down(I've been #1 for the last 4 weeks) and one of my friends mentioned I was losing, forget that I picked it up and won't by 5k steps!!! And I love the little BUZZZ when I hit my goal! Plus it sends you fun little messages like "over achiever"" Who doesn't want to see that!!
  6. cabakarich's Avatar
    I love mine.
  7. nykky's Avatar
    My friend and I had fitbit flex (she gave it as a birthday present to me)
    Both of them stopped working and wouldn't charge roughly after 6 months.
    During the 6 months we had many issues. Often it would stop recording.
    It became frustrating and I have since switched to a regular pedometer.
    This is a personal experience though.
    From above reviews above sounds like the fitbit charge works better.

    Costco is good to buy from, they return anything!!!