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Excess skin isn't that bad...

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I am noticing things changing lately again and I am realizing that the excess skin that I hated and thought was just SO bad really isnt. There have been times when i said i have national geographic boobs because they are long and hang down now instead of sitting up pretty like an 18 yr old who never had a weight problem. Same for my belly skin) But we all know after having gained so much weight that the skin is going to be stretched. Now I have had a LOT of people tell me "oh just go have plastic surgery" and all I can say now is NO! Because I have learned a few things..1 I have to be comfortable in my own skin which means not bashing myself for having it 2 I did this to myself and this is a reminder (some find it a cruel one) But it is shrinking. 3 The more I take care of my skin the faster it heals. 4 I do not want to hurt like I know I will after having plastic surgery to "fix" this 5 the most important one of all It doesnt really matter!
I have spent the last 4 years obsessing about my excess skin and how "bad" it was going to be after surgery and after weight loss but I predicted wrong! I love the body I have today excess skin and all. I do use oils to help a little with skin shrinkage but we all know just like weight loss it didnt happen over night and its not gonna change over night but It will change over time. So at this point I am positive that as long as I take care of my skin (boobs too) with supportive garments like spanx and keep it moisturized in time it will "go back" to where it should be but it is going to take me having complete faith in my bodies own ability to heal from damage I spent a lifetime causing. Who knows maybe that will mean I will have a nice body by the time I am 50 and heck who wouldnt want that lol. I dont know about anyone but when I look back at my old pics from when I was 18 and 21 and 25 and now and all I see is me getting younger LMFAO
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  1. suzn358's Avatar
    ACE - What kind of oil do you use on your body?
  2. ACE's Avatar
    I use coconut oil as my everything moisturizer but I add cilantro oil as well as grapefruit oil they are both for skin damage issues and since i have been using those two (about 3 months now) the skin looks even better lately.
  3. amt5298's Avatar
    this encourages me hearing the the skin over time will snap back as long as you take care of it my belly is just now starting to hang i have lost 69lbs in four months and i know it will only get worse with time i try sit ups and stuff it seems to help some but need others ways to help with this
  4. beachgirl22851's Avatar
    I already use coconut oil as my everyday lotion (and have for 2+ years), but where do I find the other oils you mentioned? Health store? And what do I do, melt the coconut oil and add the other oils in with it?
  5. mokaza's Avatar
    Ace, I just had breast reduction surgery last Wednesday. The Dr. Told me there is very little pain with a reduction and lift. An augmentation goes under the muscle while the reduction takes off soft tissue. My breast were HUGE. He took off almost four pounds of tissue and I have had very little pain. Just a feeling of pressure. I also had my upper and lower eyelids done at same time. They are bothering me more than the breasts. I've had chronic back pain for most of my adult life. My back hasn't bothered me since surgery. If your happy with the way you look than don't let anyone tell you differently but if your worried about the pain of a lift/reduction I can tell you it has not been at all bad.
  6. mem222's Avatar
    I've always thought of loose skin as a good thing, I am starting to get it in my arms and I am actually proud of it. I have a sister who got addicted to plastic surgery and I just don't think it is for me.
  7. ACE's Avatar
    BeachGirl---I do melt the coconut oil and add oils to it. I got into oils via doTerra I do sell it but try not to push I hate pushy people lol I do it more as a personal healthcare routine but i can send you more info if you wanna PM me You can also find oregano oil and grapefruit oil at health food stores if you wanna try it its cheaper that way to try but those arent as pure and cant be ingested. I do ingest mine some days when i really want a boost in my mood they both do that as well as helping with skin.