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Re: 2 year surgiversary

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It has been 2 years since my VSG. Although I set a goal weight of 160,I realize that this goal was not realistic for me. I am stabilized at 175, wear a size 10, am no longer hypertensive or diabetic, work out almost every day and am glad to be alive again. I also am experiencing the world as a thin person and although unfair, is so much less work (buying clothes off the rack in a department store, not being labeled as "fat and lazy" How ignorant is this assumption? That if I just exercised more and ate less I could take care of my "little problem", being seen as attractive and well cared for although when I was 80 pounds heavier, my clothing options were few and I thought I looked as good as I could. Being thinner opens doors and this is so unfair but true. I feel as though the world treats me better and as a result, I am more outgoing and social.
The sleeve has been one of life's blessings for me-and although it hasn't solved all of life's problems (the power bill and car payment are still a monthly issue, I still need to think about everything that I choose to eat) my life is easier and better for the procedure.

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  1. ShelleyP's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to be where you are!
  2. lundbergmn's Avatar
    Yes! I totally agree w/ you! I'm a size 6 now & I used to be a 24/26. People in general especially men are much nicer to me now. I get openly firted w/ by waiters even if I'm w/ my husband & son! We're on vacation in daytona & we stopped at a bbq place in st. Augustine for lunch & the waiter looked down my shirt! I was shocked! Congrats on your success!!!