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Hubs got Approved for Surgery!!!

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Well I am very thankful he got approved. I love my Hubby very much and he was a HUGE support of my surgery and my entire journey with all my ups and downs. He has always been right there for me. I just hope I can be what he needs me to be for him. He is the most calm kind heart man. I hope and Pray with me being 2 years out that It will also help me get back to the basics as I plan to preopt diet with him. and we want to be healthy parents to our kids.

Good luck to all of you! This is a repost pic but this is the Love of my LIFE!!!
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  1. amt5298's Avatar
    woot woot
  2. rockscott40's Avatar
  3. PITSTOP's Avatar
    That's fantastic! So great you guys have a support team in eachother. I wish him the best of luck on his journey!
  4. Fae's Avatar
    Wishing him the best of luck!
  5. memozing's Avatar
    Good luck to your hubby! My husband had the surgery as well. I had mine first and he had his two weeks later! It is a huge help when you have a supporter and when you understand what the other person is going through. I have no doubt you will help/support him every step of the way!