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Thanks everyone

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I appreciate all the thoughts and well wishes my recent surgery went well just very painful. I am healing and detoxifying my system again but so far so good I am back to normal eating after not having any appetite in the hospital and I am exercising slowly so I dont hurt myself so I guess now its time to work toward healing my body completely and seeing where the next phase of my life takes me. Weight loss surgery was a door that opened to my life changing completely and now I couldnt be happier where I am at. Thanks again all

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  1. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    Ace, what surgery did you have? I know you were having problems eating.
  2. ACE's Avatar
    I had a hysterectomy. after my last baby I realized how bad having more would drain me and I need to help so my doc agreed that since i have issues with all forms of BC (we had two kids using two different forms as well as me reacting to hormonal stuff) this was my best option I am done with kids and if I want to get my skin fixed I am not having anymore anyway.
  3. bangieb's Avatar
    Glad to hear you are doing well. Take it easy, you'll be back at your old self in no time.
  4. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    Ace, please get well soon. You have two kids and that's such a blessing!