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Had my first steak 4 weeks post op

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Well I have been dying for a steak for so long. Two weeks ago I was that desperate for just a taste, I had a huge bite of my husbands T Bone steak chewed it up and spat it out. Boy that felt good. I told my dietitian about it and she laughed she said that she had just had another woman in before me who said she cooks steak and then sucks all the juice out of it before throwing it out lol. But last night because i'm over four weeks post op I thought I would try a very tender small scotch fillet steak on the barbecue. It was soooo good. I didn't feel sick, it didn't get stuck because I chewed the hell out of it.
Just needed to share because I am so happy to have my favourite food back. I know some people can't tolerate steak for a long time. A friend of mine is three years post op and she still can't eat steak : {

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  1. caussia's Avatar
    your moment of steaky joy made me laugh. chew on and enjoy. best wishes.
  2. Shandy's Avatar
    Thanks Caussia. I am so excited.
  3. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    I'm almost 4 weeks and I also LOVE steak. The doc office gave this handbook to me with the do's and don't's and ofcoarse steak is not allowed for 6 months!! Then again I think my surgeon is super strict because he has me on a clear liquid diet for the first 3 weeks, then onto pureed for a week and then soft foods for 2 weeks before gradually eating regular. I could not do broth and jello for three weeks, and I see so many people that start pureed the day after surgery. I eat yogurt and cheese lol.
    Maybe I'll try that steak.
  4. amt5298's Avatar
    i was advised to not eat steak cause it tends to sit heavy on your stomach and is not well tolerated by alot of people
  5. wydols's Avatar
    I was allowed to eat soft foods the first 2 weeks and then whatever I choose from there on out. I'm 4 months now and eat whatever I want but am learning what sets well and what sets to heavy. But I enjoy trying most any types of meats or seafoods. I don't waste my space on breads or things that won't give me the protein that I need. If I'm hungry between my meals I will grab a couple almonds or wasabi peas or the like. Some days are worse than others but all in all I eat anything. I also did the sucking steak in the first 2 weeks lol.
  6. rockscott40's Avatar
    I can't wait to have a small steak!!!!!
  7. cocopebbles's Avatar
    I know the feeling. I had my first steak at about 4 weeks post op as well. Nutritionist said to try it medium with a thin steak sauce. Yummy to my Tummy!!! I wouldn't even let my hunny talk while I was eating .
  8. Shandy's Avatar
    Some people can't tolerate steak for a long time. I have a friend that had surgery 3 years ago and still can't tolerate it.
    I'm just stocked that I can.
  9. mkrider's Avatar
    Carry on and enjoy all your food in moderation!