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3 weeks since surgery!

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This Tuesday will be three weeks since sleeved. I'm still a little sore in one spot. Instead of stitches I got glued closed on the incisions. The glue came off of one incision when I dryed off after a shower. Oops. Didn't open up or bleed but I can see how deep the cut was. I'm doing what I can to prevent infection. Anyone else get glued? Wondering how long until the glue is gone, surgeon said "a few weeks" when I was in the hospital. What's a few? 2? 5weeks? When I went into surgery I was around 253. I stayed in hospital for 4 days, the day I left I weighed 260 (I believe it was water weight from being on the IV) I weighed in last Saturday and was 239 then 3 later I was 233. Today (5 days since last weigh in) I weigh 230. I would love to know how much weight other people lost and in what time frame.

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  1. mrf0418's Avatar
    I am a nurse and deal with the "glue" dermabond - regularly, they also used it on me for my surgery. It will come off on it's own. Mine took about two weeks, some earlier, some later. The wounds should be closed then. If you have wound open which has not closed by now, contact your doctor. Everyone's weight loss is different, I have lost 27 pounds in four weeks since surgery. I am trying not to pay attention to it, my clothes are getting looser daily so I know I am ok. Good luck on your journey. Your wound should heal pretty quickly, unless you have other medical issues, just washing it with soap and water, drying it and keeping it from getting rubbed should be all you need to do.
  2. duane's Avatar
    Half of my glue came off at two weeks, some of it is still there but coming off.
  3. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Thank you! I'll be meeting with the Doc this week and I'll have him check it out.
  4. Susy1999's Avatar
    Hi i have 3 week's tomorrow so happy i lost 23 pound
  5. redrah3's Avatar
    I am 3 weeks post op. today any also got glued. Mine came off really early (I may have helped it off a little ☺). At my one week appointment she seemed very unconcerned about it. I only have 4 incisions and all are completely healed. As for weight loss I weighed 307 on surgery and I am 285 today.
  6. BlackGirlGamer's Avatar
    I lost 20 lbs from the day of surgery to the day I weighed myself ~2 weeks later. I stalled (from lack of exercise) but I started losing again. I also have an issue with water intake. There's still a tiny bit of glue left and I'm 4-5 weeks out.