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5 Months Post-Op - Down 68 Pounds and New NSVs

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After 5 months post-op, this morning I weighed 167.4 pounds. I'm down from 235.6 (which I weighed 2-1/2 months prior to surgery). I've lost 68.2 pounds total (which includes losses from my own pre-op diet and the doc's pre-op diet) and 48.6 pounds since surgery on August 18, 2014.

Weight loss this month slowed to 7 pounds from monthly losses that have averaged 10.5 pounds. Toward the end of Month Four my bariatric P.A. urged me to start raising my daily cals from 800 toward 1,000, to nudge my metabolic rate higher. I complied with her instructions, but I'll admit I got a little rattled by my first week-long stalls. However, because I do have only 17 pounds to go and because I sure don't want to eat 800 calories a day forever, what the hey!

New NSVs during Month Five post-op --

* I'm looking quite different, as in better-different, younger-different. (Unfortunately, I have lost my ass for the first time in my life.)

* I'm now wearing 12s and even the odd 10.

* Although I'm now losing hair, it's not too bad (fingers crossed it doesn't get severe).

* Finally, I'm hitting 10,000 daily Fitbit steps. That's an enormous accomplishment, given my 69 y.o. arthritic knees. And that's without taking any ibuprofen or Aleve. I would never have predicted I'd have so little arthritis pain without taking NSAIDs. That's a huge NSV!

My goals for the coming Month Six post-op --

* I'll hit mostly "10,000 steps" days.

* I'll get more comfortable with eating 1,000 cals/day and keep my nutritional values high.

* I'll become a size 10 and buy some "new" clothes at thrift/consignment shops. Wearing size 10s will be another big NSV.

* I'm aiming for the 150s by end of Month Six. 159 pounds is less than I've weighed in 35 years! (If I don't reach 159 in Month 6, I'll do so in Month 7.)

* I'll give away more too-big clothes and clear out my closet for smaller sizes.

* I'll see a lot of long-time friends and clients and navigate the "How much weight have you lost!? What are you doing?!" conversations. (Since I'm on the down-low re WLS, I'm nervous about this.)

To those considering WLS ...

My own journey thus far has been pretty typical of VSG patients: Successful surgery, no complications, easy and gradual recovery, hitting daily protein and water targets, moving/exercising more as I felt stronger.

I also believe that WLS patients are courageous people who, despite our challenges with obesity, have faith in our innate potential to live healthier, happier lives. Many of us also had WLS to enhance the lives of our families. I'm proud of us all.

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  1. rhobysgrl's Avatar
    Congratulations on your great success!
  2. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    Wonderful accomplishments!
  3. Vegimen1962's Avatar
    Ann congrats, U are doing everything right ,good for u ...ur post was very inspiring and well thought. thanks for all ur encouragement.
  4. duane's Avatar
    So happy for you!
  5. amt5298's Avatar
    congrats and thanks for saying your are proud of us all we are proud of you to and your age so inspiring so we all can do keep up the good work and thanks for giving all us the inspiration we need to carry on forward and know this way of life has good benefits even though at times we may have set backs but to get back up on that horse and ride again super proud of you
  6. Mocha318's Avatar
    That's awesome! You've done an amazing job. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to be where you are.
  7. PITSTOP's Avatar
    Thanks for the inspiring post Ann. You're doing great and must be so proud. 68 lbs to date is amazing and the NSV's are encouraging for the rest of us in the beginning stages of our journey. Good luck on those last few pesky lbs. I'm sure you'll get there in no time!
  8. Ima Fox's Avatar
    Good for you, Ann! My body ate my booty too, so you aren't the only one! Maybe booties are for the young, but I'll be honest. I miss mine. I was proud of it. Here's to pants with back pocket flaps!
  9. char602's Avatar
    Thrilled for you my friend, and can't want to catch up.
  10. Dpollyann's Avatar
    Thank you for this post ... it is very inspiring ...
  11. readytochangemylife's Avatar
    Awesome Ann. Hey, that what we should call you
  12. Lijast's Avatar
    Amazing Ann
  13. caussia's Avatar
    im happy for you! ihope you have continued success.
  14. Ann2's Avatar
    Thank you, guys, for all the support. What an awesome forum this is.

    I really appreciate it.
  15. medmom's Avatar
    Ann, I love all of your posts. You have so much insight and give such good advice. My surgery is 01/30 and I am now on the pre-op diet which I must say has been pretty challenging but I am keeping my eye on the prize. I have lost about 8 pounds in 3 days and that keeps me motivated.

    Congratulations on all your success and best of luck to you!!!
  16. Eve13's Avatar
    Thank you for such a helpful overview of your experience. It's been reassuring to read of such steady progress. As my surgery is looming (one day more, as the Les Mis anthem says), it helps to read such a positive post.
  17. BlackGirlGamer's Avatar
    Congrats Ann! That's awesome! You have been such a support to the community, always there with advice and encouragement. I'm truly happy for you and grateful to you. Best wishes reaching the remainder of your goals!

    Um, I am kind of concerned about my butt. I've always had a pretty nice set of humps back there. I won't give that up without a fight! LoL. No seriously, now I'm worried. I don't wanna lose it!
  18. julesdeck's Avatar
    Love you Ann! You are just amazing. Ummmmmm yeah I still have a butt and thighs wth
  19. Quarry's Avatar
    Annie, Annie, no fanny; banana fanna, fo fanny; fee, fi, no fanny--ANN-IE!
    (Sung with all due affection and admiration.)
  20. Thindown2015's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rhobysgrl
    Congratulations on your great success!