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1 st time user

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Hi Everyone
I am thinking about this surgery I need some encouragement

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  1. luchaheel's Avatar
    I'd say just read about our experiences, both good and bad, and make the decision based on that. It's a pretty personal decision, took me a couple years to convince myself that it was the right thing to do. I wouldn't take it back for the world though.
  2. duane's Avatar
    I did a pro and con, what was con? I don't get to binge anymore (is that really a con? In my messed up relationship with food, perhaps), what was pro? Being able to wipe my butt, no seat belt extenders, getting to buys clothes at a regular store, better sex, no stares/comments from people, not having to worry about breaking chairs when I sit in them, being able to fit into a booth at a restaurant, being able to do things with my kids that I cannot when I am obese, on and on and on it goes for the pro side. I only have to be willing to not overeat and comfort with food for an incredible change in my like! I'd suggest doing your own pro and con sheet.
  3. Darrla's Avatar
    I'd agree with Duane. The pros greatly outweighed the cons on my list. I think missing food and the fear of something going wrong is about the only thing on my cons list. It's like getting a do-over and this time, I'm going to take better care of my body and my mind. All my life, I have done for everyone and put myself last. I'm doing this for me.... For my health and well being, which in turn, my family will enjoy having me around longer and in better shape! In the end, it is a personal decision, but it's one that excited about! My surgery is 1/21! Only a few days away!!
  4. char602's Avatar
    Agreed. Only you know if this is right for you. There are lots of great success stories here. You just need to be honest with yourself of the likelihood of losing and keeping the weight off on your own.

    Welcome & best of luck to you!
  5. jennak89's Avatar
    I agree with all others too. You might want to think about certain goals you would like to have if you do have the surgery. Think about how much money you will save since you won't be on so many medication for diabetes, etc. You will spend less for the medication for after surgery, vitamins and such......
  6. WendyM's Avatar
    When I saw morbid obesity on my medical records I just couldn't believe it! I mean I knew I was overweight I guess I just did not realize it was that bad. When Dr. Suggested weight loss surgery she told me if I don't loose weight she can 100% guarantee me that I will become a diabetic. So really no cons for me after hearing that. My surgery in 2 days!!
  7. Stacy'sSleevedLife's Avatar
    Do tons of research, that's what I did before deciding to go to TJ with Dr. Quinones. Ask tones of questions. Learn all you can before making a decision. For me it was the best decision of my life.
  8. AlphaLion's Avatar
    Thanks all
    There are so much questions
    Duane said stopping the breaking of chairs
    I understand that I broke one recently
    I am afraid of the unknown
    will I be hungry
    I love eating at red lobster and olive garden
    I love drinking water lots 3 liters
    will be body accept less
    being prediabetic will the sugar rush I get crash my diet
    please help