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Gastric Sleeve and surprise Hiatal Hernia correction!

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When I came out of surgery on the 6th I learned that the doctor also corrected a very large hiatal hernia! I am feeling way more pain from this than I am from the actual sleeve. Anybody else have any little surprises when they woke up and was it hard to manage pain?

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  1. darla21276's Avatar
    While I haven't yet had the sleeve, I do believe I have a hernia. It bothers me off and on. IF I have one, I got it when iw as sick and coughed so hard while laying down I felt something like rip or pull inside. This was about 10 years ago! It bothers me now n then. Anyhow, I've read some up on fixing it whiel in surgery and seems many say the same thing you're saying they had more pain with the hernia fix than the actual sleeve, so you're not alone.
  2. Dpollyann's Avatar
    I was sleeved on the 5th. Going in I knew I had a hernia. It was much larger than expected and definitely caused more post op pain than the sleeve. I have transient pain in my left shoulder. Heating pad is helping but doc said time is what it will really need. Try to hang in there.
  3. ReadySet's Avatar
    I had the same news when I awoke. I had this crushing pain in my chest which was not attributed to gas. Felt like an elephant was sitting on my sternum, but did not effect breathing or anything like that. I later found out that when they do the repair they put something under the sternum to lift it out of the way and that the pain was probably from that movement and some bruising. It took about 4 days for it to pass and even more incentive to do this thing right and get healthy. If my chest hurt that bad from that little activity I can't even imagine what a person feels like after open heart surgery.
  4. Dewonda8's Avatar
    I found out I have a hiatel hernia and my physician will fixing it along with doing my sleeve. This bit of information of more pain concerns me. I only planned to take 2 weeks off from work.. I hope the pain doesn't last long. My surgery is on January 20th. I'm feeling nervous.
  5. nannanmayberry's Avatar
    I also had a hernia that they removed during surgery. I had the extreme pain in the sternum for a couple days but just rested and took it easy, I had to stay an extra night in the hospital due to n/v, but I will say that about a week post op I felt ok..I went back to work in 2 weeks. I of course took it easy for the first week trying to get used to eating my needed meals while working and getting all my vitamins and proteins in but by the 2nd week I felt pretty good and energetic (that was just last week!)
  6. Ann2's Avatar
    Oh, yeah. I also had a hiatal hernia repair as part of my VSG surgery. Took a couple of weeks for the odd sensations in the esophagus to go away.

    And then there's all the equipment they put down your throat just to do the VSG surgery. For instance, the bougie they form your new tummy with goes down your throat into your tummy--and then back up and out your mouth.

    What a great thing it is that we aren't awake for the operation. Yowzah!
  7. dmeredith's Avatar
    I had no clue I had a hiatal hernia - I knew i had acid reflux when I ate certain things, but they fixed it and told me when I woke up. I know they did it and appreciate it....I haven't had to take any prilosec since! I also had no pain after surgery....just glad they fixed it!
  8. Icandoit's Avatar
    Would any of you be concerned about having the sleeve and a hiatal hernia repair as an outpatient procedure in a surgery center?
  9. JolenetheQueen's Avatar
    i had my sleeve and a hiatal hernia repair (wasn't expecting that) at the same time as outpatient. I do not remember any additional pain, and the recovery was pretty easy for me. I was ready to go back to work in the 2 weeks, my only complaint was being very tired.
  10. Icandoit's Avatar
    Thanks, JolenetheQueen! I haven't heard of many surgeons who do the procedure as an outpatient procedure, was wondering if I should consult another who hospitalizes patients overnight.
  11. skinner46's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Icandoit
    Thanks, JolenetheQueen! I haven't heard of many surgeons who do the procedure as an outpatient procedure, was wondering if I should consult another who hospitalizes patients overnight.
    I think that would be a very good idea. I expected one night in the hospital but my doc said I could take another if I felt like I needed it. I did and was glad I did since those first two days were my hardest and I needed them to keep on top of the pain and IV med Heparin to prevent blood clots. The respiratory therapist was making sure I did my breathing exercises with the spirometer to expand my lungs.
  12. ChrissyD's Avatar
    Yes and I believe most of my POST OPT pain was from that. But I rather them fixed it while they were in there even thought I never had any problems with it. Best of luck to you.
  13. MKrause80's Avatar
    I woke up to find they had to fix mine too. But I didn't have any additional pain. Actually the pain all together was very minimal.