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Got the Go Ahead! Hilton Head here I come!

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Went to my post op visit with doctor...all healed, and she was impressed with my food log! She didn't give me any grief about my first few mistakes, although she did look at me when I walked in and just said "Pizza???" We both laughed. I am losing weight and I feel so good! It is amazing that I don't feel hungry anymore. Perhaps that first week my brain not realize I had the surgery, and was just acting as normal...feed me...I was so used to eating all the time, I was on autopilot, thinking I could 'eat' ... I don't know, but I do not feel that way anymore. I have gone out to eat with my husband, who now orders the largest steak he can see on the menu, and I don't even want a bite! Just amazing. I ordered a chicken mushroom pasta today, and I ate most of the chicken, a little of the pasta...just did not have that feeling I used to; the one that says finish the whole thing on your plate and see who has a few bites left on their plate...No more waking up and wanting the huge breakfast at Village Inn...not only would it not fit, but the thought just doesn't happen...I am happy with egg whites fried with some cheese, or yogurt or just a shake. I just cannot believe it...a little weird...I almost don't care if eat at all, when doing housework or out shopping...I have not had a good chance to get out and exercise, due to the cold and the ice and the snow...ok, I can always go to the gym...I am going to be in Hilton Head for 44 days, starting Jan. 15, though...flat beach for walking, and miles of bike paths all around the island...I can't wait!

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  1. Ann2's Avatar
    I'm a little jealous. Have a wonderful time there.
  2. kenson's Avatar
    Sounds like you're doing well. Enjoy Hilton Head!
  3. bangieb's Avatar
    Great job on the progress...have a great time in Hilton head I'm a little jealous