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Today is the my first anniversary of the sleeve....have lost 77 lbs. I am happy the the results. Didn't get to my goal but I will and it doesn't matter that I didn't get to my goal,because I am not in a race....I love it when my husband tel me I look beautiful, I have never had anyone tell me that...For those who on the fence or fixing to have the sleeve just remember it is a healthy tool and at first it difficult and exetremly hard the first 7 weeks but remember that it does get better and you will reap the reward of have a Healthly ,life and be thinner....good luck and God Bless

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  1. BlackGirlGamer's Avatar
    Congrats! You look great and you can still continue the journey!
  2. suzn358's Avatar
    Hi Donna - Congratulations! I can't believe it was a year ago I changed my mind to not have the surgery. Glad I changed it back a few months later. I guess I just wasn't ready. You look great and you're doing great!
  3. julesdeck's Avatar
    Thank you for being an inspiration. I've been at such a stall and feel like I won't hit my 1 year goal for myself either. I like your attitude and it helps peeps like me. Congratulations on your journey!
  4. Ann2's Avatar
    Donna, congratulations to you. You look wonderful.
  5. LOVINGCOMET71's Avatar
    Happy Surgiversary ! ! ! and congratulations on the weight loss, you look great