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My journey so far

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I thought about it for 2 years then spent 1.5 years jumping through the hoops to get the sleeve finally done. Didn't tell a lot of people about it d/t not walking to hear any negativity or have them trying to talk me out of it. I am so glad I made the decision and had my surgery on 12/4/14. One month today and I am down 23.5 lbs. I started at 246.5 and weighed today at 223. I bought a food scale and started weighing out 3 oz or so when I eat. It helps a lot.

The problems I have had is not eating every 3 hrs or so, stomach cramps, not chewing properly, eating only protein and getting constipated to name a few. I didn't drink enough water and dislike the taste of crushed medications.

I have gotten off 2 blood pressure medications and 2 diabetic medications. That really made me feel good and gave me incentive to do better on my food intake.

I find my main problem is lack of planning- to drink enough water, to eat food other than protein, to chew properly, to take probiotics routinely. I have almost completely quit eating out and miss it, but when I do, its hard to eat the right amount or type of food.

I am exercising more than I have in a long time. I hope I can keep it up. This is for life and I am not going to let anything sabotage my success. Are any of you having similar or different problems? My scale stalled at 3 weeks for 7-10 days, but has started moving again.

Looking forward to hearing about your success and challenges. BTW, I am a registered nurse and we suffer with weight just like every body else.

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  1. ssorbet1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ann2
    I think you're doing GREAT!

    On the water, just try to do a little better every day. You know what will fit your work and lifestyle. Some people measure out all their daily water in the morning. Others set targets of drinking 16-ounce bottles by certain times throughout the day. Others set phone alarms that remind them to drink every 15 minutes. Etc.

    You're fortunate to be a "planner." Plans can always go awry, but they do help a lot and can help build better habits.
    Thanks for the tips on drinking water. i tried filling up a large cup with lid and drinking it in between every call during work. It worked pretty good, I just need to remember to do it every day.
  2. ssorbet1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kenson
    A lot of the things that you mentioned as problems will be reduced with time. We've all been there, and sometimes go back to doing the things that we used to do. I have found recently that I have been eating too fast and had to remember to chew, chew, chew. Sounds like you're doing well. Congratulations on having this life-changing surgery!
    I have to remind myself to chew also. Otherwise my tummy will hurt. I am really glad I had the surgery. I still deal with constipation that I didn't seem to have before my surgery. But, I am getting better with eating other sources of protein like beans that aren't constipating. I also take probiotics and it helps. I am starting to get the hang of protein, water, fiber, other sources of protein, chewing... and it seems to help a lot. thanks for your support. I am down 26.6 lbs now! I saw your pic, WOW what a transformation, congradulations !!!
  3. ssorbet1's Avatar
    I am down 26.6 lbs and although it seems really slow, when I looked back at my previous post I see that I have made progress.