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Things I Have Learned In 365 Days

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A year. It's been a year! In June of 2013 I went to my first doctors appointment. I weighed 296 lbs. Six months later on day of surgery I weighed 275 lbs. Today I weigh 192 lbs. Along the way I learned that food is fuel not comfort. You can, or at least I can, eat anything. Should I? No. I try to stick to protein first and try to stay under 1000 calories a day. The last two months have seen a drastic slow down on the weight loss front. About a pound a month. Am trying different thing to jump start my loss again. Hope to find the answer soon as I would like to lose another 17 lbs. I also realize that I HATED going to the gym before the surgery and I still hate it after. I don't miss the high blood pressure or cholesterol pills but all I've done is replace them with calcium,biotin and vitamins. Sometimes I think I am on a perpetual diet. I am hoping that after I reach goal I won't feel like that. I went from a size 22/24 to a loose 16 and a 2x to an extra large top(only because I've always been well endowed on top). I have a appointment with a plastic surgeon on the same day as my year check up on Tuesday the 6. Going to see if I can afford the plastic surgery. Keep your fingers crossed. The biggest thing I have learned this past year is that Sleeve Surgery is not a quick fix. For all you out there just starting out I wish you a Good Journey. I love reading about everyone's highs and lows. A month ago I went out to breakfast with my husband of 24 years. The place to pay was very crowded so I went out to the lobby to wait for him. I had my back to the door. After I while I turned around to see him standing a few feet behind my looking around. He hadn't recognized me! That made it all worth while.

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  1. Toopie2Seater's Avatar
    Cute. =)
  2. Jiffy's Avatar
    Great story!!!
  3. lapopreston's Avatar
    Thats awesome! I am being sleeved in 2 days. My husband keeps reminding me that things will be dramatically different 1 year from now. I enjoyed your perspective. Yesterday before I left work my boss took pictures. He is a big guy and he is excited for me and I think he may be giving my choice some consideration. I am humbled by the support. I started at 297.
  4. Ladykk's Avatar
    Very nice!
  5. Stacy'sSleevedLife's Avatar
    What an awesome story very cute. I also think it is great 24 years together, way to go.
  6. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    He didn't recognize you...that made me smile!
  7. lvman's Avatar
    Inspired by your wrItings. Good luck with your journey