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3weeks out

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Hi I am new to this site. I just wondering how others feel I feel like I have not lost that much and I have zero energy. Any advice would be great. Also not sure what to eat and what not to do.

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  1. Ima Fox's Avatar
    What did your Dr. say? Even if you got sleeved in Mexico, you should've been sent home with some instructions. You should be on soft or pureed foods about now, incorporating mild exercise like walking & trying to get your 64 ozs of water. You should probably contact your Dr.
  2. glorybeesleeved's Avatar
    Talk to your Dr. and nutritionist. Keep following drs.orders...sometimes it just takes time.
  3. Melkng's Avatar
    I am four weeks out today and I have been stalled for the last two weeks. ...meaning I only lost weight the first two weeks! I am currently weighing 175 and I am very disappointed that I have only lost fifteen pounds. I know I am still healing, but is this it?? I am getting my protein and my liquids. Has anyone else experienced a stall in weight loss early in the game?
  4. Shari929's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice I am sticking to the plan now but gosh it is hard I don't think I am drinking enough water or drinking enough shakes
  5. Mezza1960's Avatar
    No worries Shari you are doing fine. I was the same at your stage. Mary