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Correct Me If I Am Wrong

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I thought this site was for help from all to make our sleeve journey a successful one. Lately I've seen some VERY negative responses to replies on posts. Why blog if you don't want an honest opinion of what someone thinks? I don't feel anyone is making judgments by giving an opinion of what they feel will make it successful or what they have learned from this site or from their doctors. Some people are way farther into this journey and I look forward to their advice and comments. But I do believe I will refrain from commenting on posts from here on out giving my "opinions" so that they can get a hateful response. If you want to be angry then perhaps a look in the mirror may be more appropriate then at someone that is giving from their experience of what you should NOT be doing to have a successful sleeve.

Sorry had to get that off my chest. I will NOW focus on my successful journey and keep my opinions to myself. Have a very Merry Christmas and Wonderful Sleeved New Year.

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  1. char602's Avatar
    Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year!
  2. Sarasjourney's Avatar
    It happens in every community, online or not. Some people aren't looking for advice so they tend to get snippy when someone comments with advice or otherwise judgmental material. Then you have people that, because of circumstances, believe they know everything and are the end-all-be-all of the subject and if it's challenged there can be a fight. You also have to remember a lot of people are going through an emotionally tough time either pre-op or post-op what with giving up food and the large quantities we used to love and with post-op there's also hormones involved which in some sense make us about as emotionally volatile as teenagers.

    That being said it's also the holiday season and many people's first since getting sleeved and the temptations are rampant. Eventually it will die down. However I will say this: if you feel one user is attacking another unjustly, please report them. The owner of this site needs to be made aware of bad behavior if it's ever going to get corrected.
  3. Joe Poppa's Avatar

    Unfortunately, the point someone may be trying to make in a post or reply can be misinterpreted; other times there is no misinterpretation such as someone writing "GO (BLEEP) YOURSELF, YOU (BLEEPITY, BLEEP)!" -use the "bleeps" of your choice to fill in the blanks. I prefer the Mad Libs game approach, they're funnier.

    No one likes to hear negative comments, but they can also be made in a constructive & positive way. For example, instead of saying "Your baby is ugly." a person could say "Would your baby like a banana?".


    I read many of your posts and replies. You are a thoughtful, insightful and caring person. A real class act.
  4. Toopie2Seater's Avatar
    Sometimes it is difficult to interpret someone's tone and intent in typed words; however, there is no misinterpreting being told to go eff yourself. And how rude to suggest such a thing without even offering lube or inspirational DVDs. Ijs.

    Happy Holidays everyone! Bikinis await our fine selves next summer. =)
  5. ShyApple's Avatar
    NO ONE is perfect. I would only respond if someone asks for advice or to be supportive.
    That being said...I know what post you are referring to. I did find your response a bit harsh. I'm sure she is fully aware that she should not be eating a few bites of 'bad' food after her first week. Those will be her consequences and she will have to live with them.
    I know you are trying to help but no matter what people will make their own choices. I would rather people feel comfortable speaking the truth on here rather than sugar coating it for anyone looking to get sleeved.