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ANYONE HAVE SOME ANSWERS? . . . Pretty Please (:

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Alright, I am 16 days post op and have lost 26 pounds, so definitely no complaints there. I am just worried about losing weight too fast. I was thinking of going to the gym the first of the year, when I am 4 weeks out of surgery, but is that too soon? . . . Also, I have been doing all I can to get my calories up, but even 500 calories in a day and I seem full. Any recommendations on how to add calories without adding sugar? . . . I am crazy about taking all my liquid vitamins daily, and I like the ISOPURE protein powder because it is 50 full grams in a single serving. Just doing what I can to ensure I am not just dropping weight without keeping my health in mind. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!!

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  1. Carak's Avatar
    If you have access to New Whey protein drinks they have no sugar, 180 calories(I think) and 42 grams of protein. They don't taste great but that might help a little. The container they come in is only 3.8oz. Great job on the 26lbs!!! I can only hope my results will be as great as yours.
  2. bangieb's Avatar
    Yes, great job. What kind of liquid vitamins are you taking. I'm on chewable ones from my Drs office that are big, chalky and tastes horrible...I have to take 8 a day. However I did crush them today and put it in my protein shake and it tasted ok.
  3. idigfrstbase's Avatar
    I was in the gym in 3 weeks. walking and doing what I could without pain. Not really lifting. I did a 5k in May, had surgery in march! Did your surgeon release you to do anything? Congratulations on your loss. Also, I ate or drank every two hours. Egg, yogurt, banana, protein. It helped with calories.
  4. flakage69's Avatar
    Will definitely look into the whey protein drinks!! Thank you Carak! . . . . @bangieb, I am taking liquid D3, B12, C, B Complex, England oil, and double dose of gummy hair skin & nails. I also got the Wellesse Calcium & D3 with Magnesium because it is recommended for bariatric patients. I know it is probably over kill, but I just want to make sure I get enough while I am still unable to eat solid foods. . . . @idgifrstbase, thanks for the advice! I just tried a scrambled egg and it totally filled me up. Since I normally eat a banana a day, getting to finally eat them again has been a treat. The doc said I believe 6 weeks until I could lift, push, or pull. Basically just walking until then.
    You have all been helpful!
  5. niamh's Avatar
    I was advised not to do any strenuous exercise for 6 weeks post-surgery. In these early stages, it is tough to get higher calories - I drank a lot of milk which has protein, nutrients and some extra calories. But I know a lot of people don't like milk.

    Don't stress about losing a lot in the early days, it levels off. Re-evaluate in another month or so before you stress about losing too fast.
  6. ACE's Avatar
    NIAMH is right dont stress about it and just let your body get balanced out its only been a few weeks and that is a lot of weight but your ody is in shock you are trying to learn about food and all the ways your life has changed in the last few weeks so dont push too hard. I didnt start exercise till 8 weeks and event hen it was just light yoga. You dont really need to worry about losing too fast until you get down to where you are too skinny then it sucks but ifyou are looking for the weight to come off then let it come off and let your body heal you are gonna be healing from the weight loss for a LONG time. But it is all worth it in the end. Just try to relax about it all and it will probably fall into place pretty fast. You re doing amazing keep it up and dont stress
    And the milk advice is my best thing I used to buy dry powdered milk and add it to my milk so i had extra protein your body cant take in more than about 20 gms of protein at a time so drinking 40 and 50 grams at a time might seem like an answer but from what I have been told by doctors and my own experience it only made me sluggish when i ingested that much at one time Using milk you are getting a much more natural source of protein that isnt ultra processed and personally I found it tasted better than the protein powder. BUt i also was doing fruit shakes by 4 weeks too. Just remember we all have our OWN journey no teo are the same so just read and take in all the advice you get and then youll know which one is the best for you
  7. apythia's Avatar
    Congrats! You are doing fabulous! I agree that you should wait a bit before hitting the gym. Your surgeon will tell you when you are healed enough to do more than walk. For me, it was 6 weeks, 8 for core workouts even though I felt ready for it at 4 weeks. The last thing you want to do is develop a leak or pop a staple.
  8. flakage69's Avatar
    Thank you all so much! Your responses are greatly appreciated! I knee going into this would be a life changing experience, and I was prepared for that. I just didn't realize I would have so many questions after the surgery. I even started my protein shakes a month or two in advance so I could experiment and see which ones I like the best. . . I do know each of us are different, but your answers help me think of options and give me other out looks.
  9. kenson's Avatar
    Totally agree with waiting to workout. My NUT advised for the first couple of months to do nothing but walk. For protein shakes, I used Jay Robb. You can find them at Vitamin Shoppe. They are a whey isolate, which was recommended by my NUT. Don't worry too much about calories right now, just follow your guidelines, and you will be just fine! Congratulations on taking this marvelous trip!
  10. Rayer's Avatar
    Your body can only process, or use, no more than about 20-25gm of protein at a time, the rest is excreated out through your urine. As long as you are eating protein first, then veggies and last a small bit of good carbs, calories shouldn't be an issue. Your stomach is very small and can't hold a lot at one time so it's good to eat the "high octane" food first. Good luck