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one week post-sleeve and had a pity party yesterday

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The reason for the "party" was that I ruined a perfectly good operational stomach that was not diseased and it did not deserve the mutilation I willingly subjected it to. I asked G-d to forgive me for doing this to His perfect design and just cried.
I need to say how frustrating it is to get a decent tasting source of protein (it is not cheap to keep trying different powders & drinks), to remember to drink every 15 minutes and how I worry about my dehydration and lack of bowel movements. Friday I could tell I had a fecal impaction (had those previously) and used a saline enema successfully. Saturday my husband's sweet 8 year-old granddaughter got to stay with us till sunday night. It threw me off more than I imagined it would. My husband did take care of her mostly and she knows where we keep the fun stuff she likes to play with. But Sunday it was Christmas tree decorating day and I totally let go of my water & protein requirements as we got busy with the tree and house decorations. I lost focus on what I needed to do post-op and paid for it. Sleeping had been difficult, getting 2 hours here and there before urgent coughing woke me. That damn coughing and phlegm! I realize other people have it so much worse in their recoveries, but I just had it yesterday and did a private meltdown. Then later I went to Target and tried to find sources of protein I could enjoy or live with, even if it did not meet the 20 gram per meal/shake requirement. AFter Target I stopped at the Vitamin Shoppe to get some clearanced priced liquid protein tubes from New Whey. They are not delish, but I can get 42 grams of sugar-free protein in 3.8 oz. Swishing my mouth out with some jello or prune juice helps remove the taste.
So I think I am on the track I should be, drinking my 1 oz fluid every 15 min (come hell or high water) and getting a 4 hour stretch of sleep, then when waking take any necessary meds, sips, and some protein (did part of a small yogurt) before going back to bed. The cough and phlegm is much better.
I can't say I don't regret getting the sleeve, it's very early in the process and I will have the bad knee pain for awhile. Maybe once I am off my blood pressure med, and VERY HOPEFULLY not needing a CPAP ever again then I can feel no regret.

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  1. Joe Poppa's Avatar
    Don't have pity for yourself.
    You did not ruin His perfect design. Actually, gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins; so I guess all of us here are guilty of that.
    You are a human, you made choices that were not maybe the best regarding eating, paid a price for those actions and now you had a VSG to better yourself, take care of the gift of life that was bestowed upon you and prolong it -I think He would be proud.

    I am not overly religious, but perhaps there is a bigger picture and reasons why some things happen.
    Maybe we just do it to ourselves, maybe there is a reason for it. We each can decide.

  2. Blessed2's Avatar
    Things will get better, hang in there!
  3. MamaPope77's Avatar
    Just a suggestion: I mix the New Wey protein with 46 oz of water so I can kill two birds with one stone and it dilutes the bitterness of the protein. Things do get better. I am sending prayers to you. xo
  4. WeightMatters's Avatar
    Premiere protein shakes do not taste bad at all. They actually taste like having a regurlar milk shake and have 30g of protein. Chocolate is my fave but I have tried the vanilla and strawberry and they are not bad either. You can find them at Sams or Costco and the cost is $18 for a 12 pack. It gets better. Get into a routine and hoping all will go well for you!
  5. MamaGavu's Avatar
    I will agree with weight matters. Premiere protein is my go to as well. I love the vanilla. As far as ruining Gods work. We already did that to ourselves. Now we are utilizing the amazing knowledge he provided these drs to get us back on track. Have faith things will look up.
  6. mem222's Avatar
    I'm wondering if you have to drink so much water, is that on top of the ounces of protein drink?
  7. Ann2's Avatar
    I had my gallbladder out 4 weeks after VSG surgery. I sure didn't worry about ridding myself of that diseased organ that, left inside my body, would have endangered my life.

    Likewise, we had our VSG surgeries to modify our too large, poorly functioning stomachs that were enabling our self-destruction.

    Maybe God and Martha Stewart would both call that "a good thing."
  8. mokaza's Avatar
    I use the New Whey also. Sometimes I only drink half. Forty five calories with twenty grams of protein is great. There was some discussion about New Whey being the wrong "kind" of protein for sleeve patients so I asked my nutritionist and she said "to her protein is protein". I don't know if you have a Trader Joe's near you but they have a protein drink in a can. It has thirty five grams of protein. The taste isn't as good as Premier Protein but if you drink it really cold it's not bad.
  9. skinner46's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mem222
    I'm wondering if you have to drink so much water, is that on top of the ounces of protein drink?
    That is what I am thinking, except if I drink something like Isopure flavored protein drinks and then that would be killing two birds with one stone. I did drink those for awhile almost exclusively and the drying aftertaste got old. I went to Walgreens and got two chocolate Premier Protein drinks, and while they are not wonderful they are good enough.
  10. skinner46's Avatar
    Thank you, thank you all for your great encouragement, ideas and prayers.
  11. sraebaer's Avatar
    Really, this journey is all about the positive attitude! I so enjoyed every moment, I was just so excited to be a regular-sized person again, I would do anything. Liquid diet, no big deal. (We visited friends at their lake house before surgery, I got to watch everyone eat gourmet food and drink tons of wine.) Soft food, delicious. The weight melted off. And now I'm a size 8, not 18, and it hardly took any time at all. I have maintained my weight for 5 months without hardly trying. There are no words to describe how amazing my life is now compared to when I was obese.
    Get happy, you have an amazing journey ahead of you!
  12. Toopie2Seater's Avatar
    That coughing and phlegm waking you at night sounds like reflux. Please address that with your doctor at your next appointment. I appreciate the honesty in your post and I think it's a good reminder of the distractions all of us have or will face day to day. You have a good attitude and I think you're going to be very successful on your weight loss journey. Take care....