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One Year Today - What a Journey

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Well today marks my one year surgery anniversary. I started at 256lbs (116.1kgs) and as of today am down to 149lbs (68kgs) - 107lbs (48.8kgs) loss. I have now stabilised and fluctuate about 1-2lbs.

My final appointment with my surgeon 3 weeks ago (hadn't seen him since Feb) and his comment was "Well that worked!"

For me it has been the best thing I have ever done. I feel great and have been lucky to have had no problems. Food is no longer my life although I do enjoy it a bit more now. I do sometimes wish I could sit down to a HUGE plate of some of the foods I can no longer tolerate but overall life is good. Gotta watch those slider foods at this stage as they do go down very easily.

I eat whatever I like and don't count calories. I am mindful of protein only. My body seems to prefer the healthier foods anyway.

Clothes shopping is great - so nice to buy off the rack (and off the net) and it's much cheaper buying smaller clothes.

So for all of you just starting out - keep positive and keep going through the tough stages. it is worth it in the end. Click image for larger version. 

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  1. Ann2's Avatar
    LOL! It certainly did work.

    Thank you so much for "coming back" and showing us what can be done in a year. I know your life must be so different now in many ways, and for the better.

    BTW, hubby and I love your beautiful country; we have been there three times and will return.
  2. pattersonviv's Avatar
    Great post. I have been watching you journey with interest. Another great success story - you rock!
  3. kenson's Avatar
  4. Robyn3's Avatar
    you really are an inspiration to us newbies. what an accomplishment
  5. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    We love the before and after pictures!
  6. Terps's Avatar
    I just love your surgeons comment, cracks me up. Many, many congratulations!!! Look at the smile on your face...that's where the power of the sleeve shines through.
  7. Ladykk's Avatar
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Great job!
  8. ncubed03's Avatar
    I'm a little over a year too! I haven't lost quite as much as you but I am hopeful that I will start losing again soon. Congratulations!
  9. azladyrider's Avatar
    Tall AND skinny? I think I hate you lol I'm so short it's not funny. You look great!