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Surgery date uncertain????

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After going through the 7 month pre-op process I turned in my final required documents November 25. I guess I was naive to think I would get a surgery date while I was off for our 2 week Christmas break. I got an initial "decline" from BC/BS, but the patient advocate in my doctors office said she was working on getting a few loose ends sent in. I changed the date in my ticker to the first week of June, because if I don't have it now I will HAVE to wait. My students can't go weeks with a sub. I still do not have an approval and have not heard from my surgeons office. They said they would let me know ASAP when we had a go ahead. So I'm quit disappointed and will have to be patient for summer break to arrive. I will cling to this site for inspiration & motivation to be positive during my wait. Much love 😘

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  1. char602's Avatar
    What about spring break? Take 2 weeks off.
  2. PersianChick's Avatar
    Char I could possibly do that.... Just add a week to that week. Thanks.