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Sleeved dec 10th and got home friday the 12th.

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I had the sleeve surgery wednesday the 10th, and left the hospital today. i was kept one extra night for problems with nausea and pain. I am not a big fan of morphine-based pain relievers, the extra day I only pushed the pump button once in the morning but was dragging all day and not getting up much except to potty. I wished I had purchased a maternity support belt. I have a wrap they use and it is much too tight. so i asked my nurse if she could bring a bigger size, so she did (it will be interesting if I can see how much it's gonna cost me/Aetna) however the bigger size was likely meant for a very large persons
I may try to trim it down to fit better. Nothing to lose, If I messed up I would send my sweet husband to find one for me. I used one for my last pregnancy ( I had a tubal ligation then) and it was the difference of getting out of bed or staying in bed. Some of gas that they pumped into my abdomen went up to my shoulder and collarbones, it was painful but only lasted one day. So I am a sight to see, holding my abdomen for support while I walk around. I can't say it was worth it since I have only had it three days now.
Having to cough deeply to get the crud out was not as painful as I thought. And with this hospital i brought my cpap machine but was not allowed to use it...they claimed liability issues. the one from the hospital was a piece of crap...the ventilator hose hissed like a steam train and was so freaking loud I could not sleep. If my abdomen was not so sore I would have walked over to it and plugged in MY cpap machine.

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  1. trimslimnow's Avatar
    I hope ur now feeling better
  2. skinner46's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by trimslimnow
    I hope ur now feeling better
    I do feel a bit better. Some gas has passed (sorry for TMI) and it's easier to get up. Thanks.
  3. Fae's Avatar
    Wow-I was told to bring my CPAP machine to the hospital. Since you had pain med at least once and maybe something for nausea, that may be one reason you're dragging. Those meds make me feel bad. And you're so recently sleeved--major surgery!

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. I hope you continue to feel better and better each day.

    Congrats and good luck!
  4. ann1756's Avatar
    About that gas.....I had an EGD yesterday. A nurse, yes, an RN, explained to me if I needed to burp or "pass gas" by all means do so. It seems that many of us don't know if we don't, we can "seriously damage our internal organs". I didn't know if I should laugh or thank her, she was very serious when she explained this.