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2 years 3 months... Gaining back... hearburn city!!

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So it's been over 2 years now and I was down about 130 lbs. I haven't weighed in since July. I had a lot of things this year on top of the WLS that have contributed to my weightloss (divorce, sick parents, relationship problems- all led to depression) Last December I was at about 175. After that my husband and I separated eventually divorced and I went thru a depression where I was hardly eating and I was drinking a lot. December I was a size 10. By March I was fitting in a size 4 snuggly and 6 comfortable. A lot of people were telling me I was looking sick and not myself. (my profile pic was taken March1st) I felt confortable and was dealing with the issues as best I could. I maintained that weight for a few months. Right now I am still wearing my 6 and 7's. 8 doesn't quite fit me. But my 4's definatley don't fit. I'm still comfortable at the weight I am at now but I have started to gain a few pounds because I noticed the same outfirst I wore before are fitting kinda snug now. I finally weighted myself last week and have gained about 6 lbs. I'm not saying that its bad or the end of the world. I'm still very comfortable, but I am afraid that I will start gaining back and not be able to stop. I kinda wanted to gain a little because of all the remarks I was getting about being too skinny. I think I let people make me feel bad about the weightloss.
I know that's stupid and "haters gonna hate" lol... but I did let them get to me for a little while.
Anyway now Im worried about gaining back. I know so many people that have had WLS and done awesome and then gained some, all or more back within a few years of the WL... that's what worries me...
Anyone else gaining?? It IS the holiday season after all..

Anyone have horrible heartburn for any little thing since the surgery? I had a hiatal hernia repair at the same time as the WLS. I was told before the WLS that I had it and that it causes horrible heartburn but I never had heartburn before the surgery. At this point, I cant even drink water without getting heartburn. DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

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  1. natex14's Avatar
    Sorry for all the craziness that you have been through since surgery. I'm sure it's tough.

    I would check with a doctor about the heartburn, that can be a major problem later on in life. Some people have it so bad that they have to move to a bypass. Get that checked for sure.

    Good luck on your new life. I hope things smooth out for you and you find your true happiness.
  2. kacie77's Avatar
    You have had a hell of a time! So now that you have been to hell and back...where do YOU fit in the picture?

    You mentioned everything but exercise! Are you doing that for yourself? To me, that is my personal time. I will not allow anyone or anything to get in my way of my time. It is a stress reliever and I feel great when I am done.

    Congrats on your weight loss and my doctor told me that I would gain around 10 pounds from my lowest weight so I am not worried about the number. It's my health and what I put into my body that I care about now. You can exercise away those few tiny pounds.

    Happy Holidays and you look great in that picture!
  3. idigfrstbase's Avatar
    Wow. so sorry about your issues. I hope you are able to cope, hopefully you have someone to talk to?
    I asked my Doctor about this, asking " once you hit your bottom weight, gaining back 10-20 lbs is normal?" she said yes, it can be. If you are worried start looking at intake and activity. I know we all say the surgery is a tool and we have to be held accountable, but what was your ideal body weight and how close to it are you? Lots of women lose weight when going through divorce. Try to get comfortable in your new skin and focus on health. I hope you find some peace. Liz
  4. Natalie's Avatar
    Thanks all! I forgot to mention that all is better now. I'm happily divorced and in a great relationship now! It was my choice to leave but it was still a hard decision to live with because of our children but they are happy now and so am I. I think the happiness is causing the gain lol!
    I had just gotten comfortable with my weight when someone pointed out that I finally looked like I was starting to gain some weight back. (they pointed out my little flab above my belt) I'm still comfortable in my skin now. but I do need to focus on some "me/workout" time. It is very difficult to do with everything else/day to day busy-ness..
    But Kacie makes a great point... I haven't put any effort at all into myself... anytime I have free time at home I find myself catching up on rest.. which is not very often. I'm going to work on that.
  5. Ann2's Avatar
    Natalie, really happy to read your second message above ^^^.

    Having lost the weight you wanted to lose (and you SURE did that in spades!), it seems time now to focus on your health. I'm going to say things you already know and want to do, but I'll say 'em anyway:

    * You've got to eat for nutrition now. Your body needs all kinds of nutrients. Please give your body the nutrition it deserves.

    * You've GOT to exercise -- to build your strength and health and to reduce the stress of a busy and full life like yours sounds like. You've got kids, a job, a relationship, and probably much more. All that requires strength and some mellowness to weather. Exercise will help you find both.

    That's all I got. Except to say, I treasure these posts when "veterans" come back to the forum to talk about what life post-op a year or two or three later is really like. You guys are our heroes. I'd love it if you'd stick around and contribute here, if you would.

  6. lil_lisa's Avatar
    I was on prolisec capsules, two of them for two weeks after the sleeve, now one a day to keep acid at bay, you might ask doc for that.
  7. Rainbow's Avatar
    Natilie, I know all too well your concern about gaining it back. I live in fear EVERY day! Size 6 is a easy maintenance size for me I prefer 4 but that pushes the healthy envelope for me. I am 51/2 years from my sugary now and this is what I have learned about maintaining. " Don't drink your calories. And Ice cream is the most fattening substance on the planet." The sad truth is I have never been able to overcome my addiction to the scale and it's weekly fluctuations. But I have gotten used to being the size I am and if it gets kinda tight I knot ice it only takes a few weeks of being mindful about protien/ low carb eating and NOT drinking calories! If I am honest, the maintaining part is pretty simple. It's the irrational fear that stalks me relentlessly! Love, Rainbow
  8. Rainbow's Avatar
    Oh one more thing...get yourself on a good antacid prescription! Prilosec or Nexium! Just do it, the sooner you accept that Gerd is here to stay, and take the med the sooner your tummy will thank you!