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Thanksgiving dinner...what is everyone doing?

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Just wondering if most are having the usual thanksgiving dinner...making traditionals food lighter or completly changing it up? We are having the normal turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing, and pies! Im trying a new roasted butternutsquash salad that noone else is exited about but me. I cook pretty much normal and just eat a lot less. I already know I wont eat any dressing or the rolls...just turkey, potatoes and salad...then later some pie! I thought I would be depressed about not being able to eat it all and dig in but I really feel ok with it and cant wait to cook a good meal for my family!
How about everyone else??

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  1. Sue_902010's Avatar
    I am seeking sleever recipies on pinterest. I always like to try something different. I am having the traditional turkey and ham for my family but my menu will include the sweet potatoes, seafood dressing, veggies, and panzit a phillipino noodle dish that is very low in calorie. I usually make a pineapple upside down cake but I am seeking something low calorie/and carb for me to have as a sweet. I love to cook during the holidays, so what ever is left i will brink it to work for my office family or put it in the freezer for later. :-)
  2. apythia's Avatar
    Because of the expected bad weather and people having multiple engagements, we actually hosted a family pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving on Sunday. I made the turkey and gravy of course, green bean casserole (left the fried onions off and offered them in a bowl for those who wanted them), mashed cauliflower, and stuffing. Oh and whole cranberry sauce. I had one bite of everything and then about 6 bites of turkey and gravy. It was great. I got to taste everything without overdoing anything. I didn't feel deprived at all.
  3. manzerick's Avatar
    Last year, I was freshly sleeved, and had NADA for food. This year... TURKEY!!! and some fixings...

    I always say: I fail if my only change is that I eat less of the same foods I ate before the sleeve. But, for one day, it's ok to plan to do it!!
  4. bnk1cs's Avatar
  5. Metread's Avatar
    I plan to eat a bite or two of whatever I want.
  6. Ann2's Avatar
    Hubby and I will be spending Thanksgiving at a posh hotel for a four-day stay-cation. We'll eat at the wonderful hotel restaurant where professionals will do all the decorating, meal planing, cooking, serving and cleaning up! We'll talk to and listen to each other -- not our goofy relatives' political and religious rants. Evenings, we'll look down on the city's Christmas lights and read our Kindles. On Friday I'll do some holiday retail therapy. Saturday, we'll work through the hotel spa menu. Sunday, we'll do brunch and drive home.

    We are very, very thankful!
  7. Elevendawgs's Avatar
    I had to start my presurgery diet the day after Thanksgiving last year. I know I will eat alot less this year. I want to try a bite of everything. It will be interesting to see what happens and how my sleeve responds.
  8. Joe Poppa's Avatar
    I plan on trying a little bit of everything, the key word is "little" and savoring each small bite that I chew 20 -25 times.
    Which is different than the previous Thanksgivings, where I took a lot of everything and ate so fast that sparks were flying from my knife and fork.

    Besides traditional thanks, I am also going to give thanks to the second chance at living a long, healthy and quality life I gave myself by being sleeved.
  9. ChrissyD's Avatar
    I am eating Prime Rib (I love uncle George he hates turkey) a few bites of a few sides and that is all. Last year when I made my plate everyone thought it was a kid plate I plan on doing the same this year!!!! Little is more for me.
  10. ariggs's Avatar
    wow Ann I want your thanksgiving! Have a great holiday with your husband and enjoy!
  11. ariggs's Avatar
    Chrissy D Prime rib is usually our Christmas dinner I love it WAY more than turkey
  12. ariggs's Avatar
    Sue seafood dressing never had it or heard of it! let me know if its good!
  13. Denise Foremam's Avatar
    I will be in Mexico having surgery no Thanksgiving food for me, But it will all be worth it in the end, although I'm on my pre Op diet right now and starving and everything sounds fanatstic.
  14. cocopebbles's Avatar
    I'm so thankful today. I was originally scheduled to have surgery today and it got rescheduled to an earlier date -- October 27th. So now, I'm 4 weeks post op and able to eat some turkey and veggies. It's not my ideal thanksgiving but at least I'm not in the hospital and I'm not in any pain. And.. I'm 30 pounds lighter than I was last year. Such a happy brown girl!