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just got back from a 5 day trip to Chicago! Never been there loved it! It was for a work conference and we stayed right downtown walked everywhere! I was so happy I could get out and do whatever I wanted and keep up with the much smaller and younger girl than me! We ate well but shared all our meals so I didnt go overboard at all and with all the walking I came home with a 3lb loss! OH and I didnt need a seat belt extender on the plan even had extra belt left over! Love my sleeve!

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  1. Large_1's Avatar
    I wouldn't really consider living anywhere else
  2. suzn358's Avatar
    Hi - we had surgery the same day - you're way ahead of me and doing great! What do you eat these days?
  3. ariggs's Avatar
    suzn358...that total is with a preop weight loss of 20lbs. So in about 6.5 months time it has been 65 lbs. Dr. said I was average on my weight loss. I eat mainly yogurt for breakfast or a small taco with ham egg and cheese then snack on string cheese, fruit, nuts and lunch is maybe a half of turkey sandwich on light whole wheat bread and light may and cheese or soup...chicken nuggets...I try not to eat that to often since its fried but chick filet has grilled nuggets that are good. Then dinner is whatever I make or eat out with the family just small portions. I can tolerate about anything anymore....stay away from bread it gives me bad heartburn and spicy food can cause some problems. Best wishes on your journey!
  4. Ann2's Avatar
    Chicago is a wonderful town. Was there last week myself. Gorgeous architecture. Lovely people.