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Any Tips on Energy?

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I'm almost 10 months post surgery. I'm almost 20lbs below my goal weight. Feel great. Only problem is I've been running out of energy by 6pm. I usually get up around 5am. I take B12 1500 mg in am. A 1 a day vitamin, 1000 mg vitamin C, and a 1000mg Vit B supplement around 1-2 pm. Been feeling it for awhile, just run out of gas. Has anyone found anything to boost energy? Still exercise a few days a week, but at 44 I shouldn't be ready for bed at 8pm. Dr said Blood Work is fine???????? Posted similar comment in June under Tired

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  1. Blackbry63's Avatar
    I would suggest you check out some of the bariatric strength vitamins, I know you said your blood work is good but they may have additional supplements specially formulated for the needs of bariatric patients. I like "Nutrametrix" vitamins, bariatric advantage, and celebrate vitamins personally. I'm 51 and just as energetic as I was in my 20s and 30s. Also make sure you are getting your fluids in as bariatric patients we are easily susceptible to dehydration which can make you feel lethargic, shaky, and dizzy.

    The sleeve surgery was the best decision I've ever made. This site/forum is great and full of helpful advice and supportive people. Best of luck in your journey.
  2. TheNewMe3's Avatar
    Are you taking in enough protein as well? I would log all fluid and protein for a week and make sure you are getting enough of both as sometimes we 'think' we are doing great when in fact we are under limits. Good luck.
  3. Ann2's Avatar
    And for yet another idea ... what gives us energy?


    The fact that you're 20 pounds under your goal makes me wonder if it's time for you to develop a maintenance diet (and by "diet" I simply mean the food that you eat).

    A few weeks ago I had a particularly rigorous 6-day biz trip and was standing, teaching, presenting a lot. At that point I was only 9 weeks post-op and was, naturally, eating mostly protein. However, during that trip, I also sipped diluted apple juice throughout the work day. That helped boost my energy level tremendously.

    Bottom line -- if what's been working for you isn't working for you anymore, try something new. Perform science. Experiment and see what happens.

    Best wishes to you.
  4. Rainbow's Avatar
    Hi, congratulations on your success! I also landed about 20 lbs under goal! I am 41/2 years out. I struggle with dehydration at times but my nutrition level is great also! But by 6 pm I am ready for bed! I used to be a bit of a night owl and hated waking up in the morning but now my eyes pop right open and its easier to get up ( I like that part) But come evening, I have the SAME problem I suspected as you that it has something to do with my sleeve but my Dr just shook his head and said welcome to middle age! I find I rely more on coffee for the needed pick me up! Also a good concentrated carb can give me a boost, resting for 10 to 20 minutes sometimes recharges my batteries. I have come to the conclusion that when I first dropped the weight it FELT so much better not lugging around the weight that I felt 20 years younger but as time went by and I got used to the smaller me, it became more clear I was physically writing checks my body could not cash! Just because I now Felt like a spring chicken, my body tells me no you are not! Good luck to you and if you find something helpful please pass it on! Love Rainbow
  5. Joe Poppa's Avatar
    Joe Klecko, is that you?
    (Just kidding, he used to be an excellent defensive lineman for the Jets)

    20 lbs under your goal weight? Could it possibly be you aren't getting enough calories/proper nutrition?
    I see you take a B12 and a B (multi-vitamin?), so it probably isn't that.

    Maybe do a search on what vitamin deficiencies can affect your energy level especially taking a close look at what vitamins people who have had bariatric surgery sometimes are more deficient in. Also, your daily nutrition (protein, carbs, etc.).

    Are you on any meds that might be contributing to this or under any significant mental stress or have any sleep issues (like sleep apnea)?

    Good luck, I hope you find the answer soon.