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NSV - List of things we NEVER thought we would be saying

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Never thought I'd say this.... my 8's are getting loose.

what's your never thought you'd say?

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  1. lundbergmn's Avatar
    Same here! My size 8 skinny jeans are baggy on me!
  2. newclear's Avatar
    1. My size 6 are jeans are loose.
    2. What happened to my boobs? These aren't mine.
    3. I can do a pull-ups. 1.5, but it counts... so does the 0.5.
  3. Mzzsugar's Avatar
    No thanks to second helpings (barely firsts)
    Desserts are highly over rated and don't taste that great.
    No, not interested in going to a buffet

    Mine are all food related since I haven't gotten out of the 20's in clothing sizes yet. I don't anticipate getting down to a size 8. We'll see...
  4. Ann2's Avatar
    "I just don't eat as much as I used to."

    (Said with mild surprise, it's my new line for when I'm out with friends, colleagues, clients, whoever -- and, of course, it's actually true.)
  5. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    "My hips are so narrow!"
  6. Ladykk's Avatar
    I'm shrinking. Lol
  7. Terps's Avatar
    No thanks, I'm full.
  8. Terribj's Avatar
    These knee-high boots zip all the way up
  9. zmdh39's Avatar
    Holy crap, I can really fit into a size 4 petite dress!

    No really, I am not the food delivery person...I didn't bring your taco order...I am one of your former patients...dude you guys did surgery on me like 18 months ago...but thanks for not recognizing who I was...best compliment I have gotten all day!

    No son, you cannot wear mommy's new dress...no son...I don't care if it fits you...son really...yes I realize you think it looks pretty on you...but boys don't wear dresses honey!

    And my personal favorite thus far...My son comes running up to me one morning...holds up his little hand as if to stop me in my tracks and yell's Mommy STOP! I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING IMPORTANT!!! (At this point I had not had my morning coffee and this kid is hell bent on me hearing whatever he feels he needs to say BEFORE I am allowed any caffeine). So as he is hold up his one hand to make sure I don't go anywhere, he puts his other little and on his hip and proceeds to say this "Mommy, I have decided that I am all about that bass, no treble mommy, no treble!" At this point I am trying really hard not to laugh, but I just couldn't resist relying "Ok son, does this ALSO mean that you are gonna be bringing booty back as well???"...To which he response, without missing a beat "Yeah mommy, I'm gonna be doing that too, make sure everyone else knows!"

    My response: "Well son...this would have been really great to know...before mommy had weight loss surgery"

    For those of you who have no idea why this conversation was SO funny coming from my 3 year old...you need to watch this:

  10. suzn358's Avatar
    I can't believe I went from a 44D to 38DDD bra! My girls are loving it!
  11. JRC's Avatar
    more than once I have had to respond to a missed call or text... "Sorry I missed your call I was out running." Or "Sorry it took so long to respond I was at the gym"
  12. Metread's Avatar
    "Why yes, I have lost a "ton" of weight."
  13. Joe Poppa's Avatar
    "Hello toes, I can see you" (without leaning a little forwards).

    -This is the daytime, family program answer.