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6 months and half way there

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Tomorrow will be 6 months from my surgery date and I have lost half the weight I want to lose...probably more as I am on vacation in Hawaii and without a scale! I know my clothes feel looser than they did a few days ago so I am excited to see what the numbers actually are when I get home in another week. Even if there is no change on the scale, I am losing inches, and that's just fine with me. Walking and swimming so much that the Island foods (and drinks!!) are having no effect on me What an amazing tool this is. Eating amd drinking what I want, when I want....just not very much of any of it.

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  1. Blackbry63's Avatar
    Sounds like you are truly enjoying your vacation. Congratulations in your progress thus far. I am 16 months post surgery. The sleeve surgery was the best decision I've ever made. This site/forum is great and full of helpful advice and supportive people. Best of luck in your journey.