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Smaller sizes must be in the air this past weekend! **NSV**

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Wow so I have read on here that several of us had some clothing sizes downgrades this past week/weekend!

I can happily report this happened to me as well.....
Since I am trying to up my fashion game, I decided skinny jeans were a must.
Hello, I look cute in them now (can I get an amen)

Old Navy is having a sale so I thought I would pop in and grab a pair. I have been so excited that I finally met my goal of being a size 12 and am thrilled with that but this is even better................

I picked up a 12 and a 10 and headed off to the dressing room. I tried on the 12's and they were so baggy that I was like can this be????????? I tried on the 10's and they were tight but I buttoned them right up and walked out to show my 18 year old daughter and she was like OMG mom you look amazing! Where is your butt (clearly I ran that sucker right off)...Thank ya Jesus!

So needless to say I am rocking the size 10 skinny jean and just can't believe it!


Here's my little outfit for my Girls Night Out this past weekend....

Please remember I was a stretchy jean size 22!
I love my new life!!!

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  1. chrissy_sekmet's Avatar
    You look amazing!! I went to Old Navy as well this weekend. I have not had surgery yet, but I have lost enough weight that I'm in a Xlarge vs 2x now. Still exciting
  2. shila's Avatar
    Congratulations! You look beautiful!
  3. PITSTOP's Avatar
    You look fantastic!
  4. beachgirl22851's Avatar
    YAY! Congratulations! You look amazing!
  5. justilou's Avatar
    Yaaaaaaay! I hope you get to take those skinny jeans out and shake what is left of your butt! You look great!
  6. apythia's Avatar
    Whoo hooo! Fantastic! You rock those jeans, girl!
  7. HealthyforLife's Avatar
    Congratulations to you! So proud of you. Can't wait for my surgery in January & those smaller sizes!! ��
  8. mamb0831's Avatar
    Whoo Hoo!!!! Amen!!! LOL! You look AWESOME!
  9. MillCreekKim's Avatar
    Amen Sistah!
  10. Terps's Avatar
    So fabulous!!!! Congratulations!
  11. butterfly53's Avatar
    Thats awesome.!!!
  12. kenson's Avatar
    Ah- mazing!!! I'm so happy for you! woot woot!
  13. Vegimen1962's Avatar
    Looking Good Congrats...
  14. Favor7's Avatar
    Fantastic, enjoy shopping!