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Don't forget where you came from...

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Remember, way back, when you were fat, and you talked to that one skinny friend or relative that just NEVER. SHUT. UP. about weight, diet and exercise? The one you mentally throat punched every time they opened their mouth?

Yeah, don't become that person. Step back and remember, this is your journey, not theirs. They have to seek it on their own. If they ask for advice, offer it up, but don't shove it down their throat like you are some sort of weight loss exert now.

How do I know this - I caught myself doing it today. I sounded like an ass.

We live and learn. I still love my sleeve, though!

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  1. PITSTOP's Avatar
    LOL, I'll have to remember that in the future. I havent even been sleeved yet but sometimes catch myself being a sleeve advocate. At least you were able to recognize it when it happened to you. Thanks for the heads up......
  2. apythia's Avatar
    What a great reminder! Since I'm still new to the sleeve I feel like all my focus is on what I eat, counting protein, liquid, and carbs, and working out. I have to remember when talking to people that there is much more to life (at least theirs lol) than that! Like you said, it is my journey not theirs.
  3. Ann2's Avatar

    You're a smart cookie.
  4. Vegimen1962's Avatar
    I Totally applaud u..... We all need a check now and then, and it can be humbling. I suffer all my life being a larger person, Grew up with overweight relatives, and heard all the creul comments, looks and giggles, And I hope and pray that I Always remember where I came from... I'm still the same person ,Just a rentovated bod,,,lol thanks for your fresh Post....Vegimen from Cali KEEPING IT REAL>>LOVE IT>>>
  5. JAG322's Avatar
    I found myself in a funny position today...picking up my new meds from the ob gyn office cause I asked if I could crush my pill now and she said no but they had a chewable birth control pill I could have so I went to get them and it was like the 2 in reception area rushed me before I could close the door...the big question..."you're having gastric bypass surgery??" You don't look big enough...so I said I hid it well cause I've had many years of practice hiding it. Then more questions came and more..honestly I felt interrogated...my husband in the car waiting and I said that too but the questions kept flying til one of them said that they are so jealous of me and I said dont be jealous because I've busted my but to get this far with all the doctors visits and tests and the hardest work is yet to come so ill be busting my ass for the rest of my life...then I walked out wishing them both a nice day. Talk about weird.
  6. LORAW's Avatar
    OMG so true. There's nothing worse than sitting in your bosses office at over 300 pounds and she spends 10 minutes talking about her workout that morning. I will never be THAT girl.
  7. lundbergmn's Avatar
    Apparently I've become that girl! It's all I think about. Is it so wrong for me to want the people I love to be healthy? No but I have to remember u can't make them do it.
  8. Metread's Avatar
    When you completely turn your life and health around in months and lose over 100lbs, you can't help but want to shout it from the rooftop.