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I've been reading a lot on here about pre-op diets, lengthy liquid diets, etc. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I decided to have the surgery and went to a seminar on May 31, 2014. Officially started the process then. Checked with my insurance and was told I'm a prime candidate since my BMI was over 40%. Had my psyche testing in July along with my blood work. Got my EKG and Chest x-ray in August. Echo in September along with my primary care physician clearance. Went for my pre-consult mid September, set my surgery date and was submitted to insurance. There was no pre diet I ate my normal meals up until the night before my surgery. Showed up for my surgery everything went off with no issues. Spent one night in the hospital but was up walking every hour through the night, needed to get that gas gone as fast as I could. Had absolutely no pain whatsoever. Was discharged first thing in the morning and went home on Thursday. I was up shopping and went to lunch with my parents on Friday, although all I got to eat was the broth from the albondigos soup but it was absolutely amazing. Made sure I was up walking and keeping busy all weekend to get rid of the gas and keep the tired away since I returned to work on Monday. I was able to since it is an office job and I had no complications or pain. One thing that I have a supply of is the New Whey liquid protein vials. Each one has 42 grams of protein so I make sure I drink one per day and sip water ALL day long. I was on liquid semi soft diet for the first 2 weeks, if it could fit through a straw I was allowed to have it but not with the straw lol. I have always used a straw but have found I don't sip real well with it so have decided it's best not to use it. I don't get on the scale everyday because I know I'm losing and have no reason to see it everyday. It's going to come off since my intake is perhaps a 10th of what I could pre-sleeve. I've been on a non-restrictive diet now for a week since I can eat anything that I choose but stick to the protein as much as possible but I have found that it is very hard to eat...... I am increasing the amount a little each time and it's definitely a little lol. I can now eat a hard boiled egg for breakfast where it used to be only half. I've realized that I need moist foods rather than something with no sauce as it is harder to eat at this time. I know it will get easier as my stomach quits contracting every time that I eat but in the meantime I am taking my vitamins and liquid protein to keep up my energy because it would be so easy to nap all the time and that will not help me get on with my new energetic life. The one thing I have noticed is I get EXTREMELY tired immediately after eating for about 30 minutes no matter how much I did or didn't eat, not sure why that is but I work through it and am energized after the 30 minutes. I'm really looking forward to the day when I can put something in my mouth and my stomach won't immediately start contracting as soon as I swallow the first bite hopefully sooner than later but either way this is going to be an amazing year. I even booked a week cruise in February to celebrate and am thoroughly looking forward to a great time and some great food even if it is just a taste. Hope all is well with all the fellow sleevers....

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  1. apythia's Avatar
    Sounds like overall things are going super for you! Congratulations!
  2. Rainbow's Avatar
    I love your attitude! Your common sense and we'll adjusted positive attitude will serve you well! Keep up the good work and good luck! Love Rainbow
  3. rhobysgrl's Avatar
    Thanks for the positive message, it really help calm my nerves. Were did u get the whey protein shots and did u just sip them?