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7.5 miles!

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My family a group of friends went hiking this Sunday in Mckitrick canyon part of Guadalupe state park. It was so pretty and not very hot. The fall colors were in the canyon and gorgeous. The hike was 7.5 miles and I made it! I am even alive and walking today! A little sore in my legs and feet but so much better than I thought I would be. We love hiking but I had gotten to the point I couldnt do it my knee hurt to bad and I was just to heavy to go very far. So it was great being back out there with everyone and enjoy the beauty of God creation!

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  1. bnk1cs's Avatar
    Are you still having memory loss?
  2. Joe Poppa's Avatar
    That was a great NSV. Congratulations!
  3. ariggs's Avatar
    I think things have gotten much better as far as memory loss is concerened....Ive just been trying really hard to stay focused and making sure Im taking my vitamins daily. I think it was just a weird couple of weeks!