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Slow & Steady

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I am 2 weeks after surgery and have been doing great. Have not been sick nor in any pain. Been on solid foods for a few days now, drink my liquid protein to supplement and get as much water as I can. The only thing I have noticed is I always wake up a little dehydrated no matter how much I drink the day before and I'm extremely tired for about 30 minutes after every meal I eat. I don't get much food down yet but hear that will come later. The worst thing I have is I still seem to have acid reflux and really hope that will also go away soon because it makes it so difficult to eat or drink anything. I don't get on a scale everyday but at week one I had lost 13 lbs and don't go back to the doctor for 2 more weeks so not sure where I will be then. I'm going to let it be a surprise although I do know I am steadily still losing lbs and inches so not the least bit concerned at this time.

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  1. cleanupwoman31's Avatar
    Congrats on the recovery and the weight loss thus far. Did your doctor put you on solids so quickly? Your little tummy is not all the way healed yet.
  2. katlike's Avatar
    Glad you are able to tolerate solids so quickly. I was on solids MUCH later than that!