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Ok I am VERY DUMB when it comes to good vs bad fats and healthy choices on certain things. Sooooo...is hummus an ok food to eat, or is it BAD fat??

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  1. Fae's Avatar
    From what I understand Hummus is a healthy vegetarian food, high in iron and other good stuff, and has good fat.
  2. mokaza's Avatar
    I add protein powder to the Hummus. Just enough to not change the flavor.
  3. greenmomma's Avatar
    Too many carbs not enough protein in my opinion. That is always my test. How much protein am I getting for the carbs/calories. Hummus doesn't usually make the cut.
  4. kacie77's Avatar
    yes its a good snack just make sure to use veggies as your "cracker" and only eat your serving size. I look at the ingredients list carefully!
  5. julesdeck's Avatar
    I LOVE hummus, but only use it as a dip for my protein. So deli chicken or grilled chicken with the hummus on the side. It is one of those slider foods too, so it won't really stay in your tummy.
  6. LLS's Avatar
    Thank you everyone!
  7. justilou's Avatar
    It's also a good marinade for chicken. But I would check th ingredients list. Store bought is often thickened with breadcrumbs or flour. It's super-easy to make and you get to control the oil, etc
  8. speedracer's Avatar
    I love hummus, and falafel ,but it gives me HARD gas, and bloats my belly something wicked, so small small bites.