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Feeling sad. I hope this works out.

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So in spite of my health condition, my insurance is not covering my sleeve so I'm willing to pay cash, but... I've read posts about insurance not covering post op complications. I'm not expecting complications but what if...
I'm scheduled to have my sleeve in Mexico but I'm gonna have to cancel if my insurance doesn't cover post op complications.... I'm hoping they'll say yes and that'll be great, even if I have to have my sleeve done here in the US.
I guess I'll find out on Monday when I call my insurance.

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  1. Fae's Avatar
    Good luck.
  2. llburbach's Avatar
    Fingers crossed for you. I did not even check with my insurance. I just "did it!" I wish you the best.

  3. sraebaer's Avatar
    Typically they will not. I took the chance, and luckily had no complications. However you had better bet I did everything I was instructed to! (Drink XX ounce of fluid, eat XX of protein, introduce certain foods at certain times, walk, I did it all, I wanted to do everything on my end to avoid being back in the hospital.)

    My doctor only took me as a self pay patient because I was very "low risk."

    I know some places sell some sort of insurance for complications. My doctor did not.
  4. Fast Eddie's Avatar
    I tried, but they wouldn't help at all. Paying myself (hence Mexico) I met with my Dr. on Friday, and broke the news. He was really excited for me, and told me he'd back me up completely! we scheduled a followup a week after i get back, and he'll keep me on track and healthy throughout! whoo hoo!!!
    just be honest and lay it out for your Dr. worst they will say is no!