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Two Months Post-Op -- Down 24 Lbs. Post-Op, Down 42 Lbs. Total

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And that headline pretty much says it all.

Very, very happy with how it's going. Had a super good VSG surgery and an easy-peasy recovery.

Four weeks post-op, I got a bonus surgery -- gallbladder was removed.

Was hitting protein targets (60-80 grams) by Day Five. Haven't thrown up once. Am now able to drink water easily, almost like pre-op. Energy is coming back strong. Clothes sizes are down from 20 to 16. Looking much cuter.

Knock on wood ... doc, NUT, shrink, exercise consultant are all pleased. Much more importantly, I'm just thrilled.

This board has provided such strong support for me. Thanks to everyone for expressing your thoughts, feelings, results -- no matter what they are. I learn from everyone's contributions. Please keep sharing them.

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  1. Joe Poppa's Avatar
    Congratulations! Keep up the excellent work Ann.

    You have been very helpful here on the forum & have offered excellent advice, experience, support and humor to the posts.

    We wish you all the best!
  2. Toopie2Seater's Avatar
    Totally smiling for you. =)
  3. Tee35's Avatar
    Big smile -- Congratulations!
  4. Mocha318's Avatar
    Go head girl with your bad self. You better work that sleeve! Before you know it you'll be at your goal weight or whatever size you feel comfortable at. Keep it up!
  5. Little Verbena's Avatar
    You are rocking this whole thing. Keep up the good work.
  6. kjsleeved's Avatar
    Great job ann!
  7. Vegimen1962's Avatar
    Congrats Ann.... You Are setting an example to us sleevers following u, go love ur bad self and continued success...
  8. 10eshoes's Avatar
    Way to go Ann! Thanks for your post
  9. llburbach's Avatar
    Ann!! You are an amazing person and I can never get enough of your posts on this forum! You have been such an inspiration and so wonderfully nice to me when I was struggling. You never complain and always have a kind word for everyone!! I am so excited for you and I KNOW you will continue to succeed in this journey!!

  10. justilou's Avatar
    If you stop leaving. Your insights on this board, I will miss you dearly! Congratulations s on your recovery and success!
  11. apythia's Avatar
    Congrats, Ann! Way to go!!!!
  12. 2015NewYearNewLife's Avatar
    I just had gall bladder removed 7 weeks post op. The recovery from this has been terrible when my sleeve was easy peazy. Did you have any trouble with yours being the two surgeries were so close?
  13. mrskennedy2000's Avatar
    Warm hugs Ann and many many congrats! Your like the poster child for the ideal VSG surgery . I for one have definitly appreciated your contributions to the site
  14. Sleeved W Pfynss's Avatar
    AWESOME... I would love for my mother to have a discussion with you! I watch her health deteriorate daily and it sickens me when i know that there is a soultion to her medical whoas. She is fearful that she is to old to go through with this. Ughhhh!

    I am so proud of you and applaud your courage and insight!
  15. Pleasantly-Unplumping's Avatar
    Outstanding! So glad to hear all is going well for you! Keep it up!
  16. GoAllTheWeigh's Avatar
    Good for you! I am new here, saw a post from a man whose wife died, post op...sad...you had commented to the woman right after her surgery...anyway, that's how I have now seen all your WONDERFUL POSTS and information...keep up the great work, and inspiring all of us!
  17. Maxine7290's Avatar
    I love reading your story. You and I have very similar results, hope you will continue to post