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Hey everyone!!
While surfing the internet last night I found these protien shakes I thought it was a pretty good deal and also a good price for the amount of drinks you get. but anyways here is the wbsite: HOMECARENUTRITION.COM

I ordered the Healthy Shot 24 gram Protien Supplement Beverage Cranberry/Grape 24/2.5fl oz for $48.20 w/free shipping.

Mine will be here by Tuesday just in time.

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  1. BillyJ's Avatar
    Let us know how they taste.
  2. Ima Fox's Avatar
    Yeah, let us know how they taste. I bought 2 cases of Isopure & I don't fancy it very much. Some days I make myself drink it, but I've also wasted quite a bit. I might try to find a bottle before I invest in a case. Thanks for sharing.