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What is a good brand of calcium & how much?

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  1. Vegimen1962's Avatar
    Dear Angie , Hello. As far as Calcium u know the pills are Horse size and so hard to swallow and gringing and swolling the powder sucks lol. I buy the Barastic Kind that are Chewable chews . I got chocolate, and they were great, next time I'm gonna try lemon. Heres the # call and reguest a catalog 1-800-993-1143 or bariatricchoice.com they come in carmel, chocolate,lemon, or raspberry. 1 bag has 60 chews for $12.65) They are called calcium citrate Chewy Bites. Good Luck . Hope This Helps.
  2. jarnols's Avatar
    I agree with Vegimen1962 I bought the chewy ones from Celebration, berry favor and they taste like a starbust. I also have the ones from Unruy they taste like a Tums(texture and all). They are huge and you have to eat 4 which is near impossible so I prefer the chewy ones. My only issue is I always forget to take my calcium. I would be nice if vitamins and calcium could be taken together.
  3. llburbach's Avatar
    My doctor wants me to take calcium and vitamin D. I used to swallow horse pills and now I struggle with normal and small pills. I love the idea of a chewable calcium.

  4. cvhunterbrown's Avatar
    I like the Costco chewable brand. They only come in chocolate and caramel, both are good. My doctor has me taking 50th three times a day.